Adaptive bikes, tandems and tag-alongs

We have supported Halo in buying some adaptive bikes, tandems and tag-alongs which are more accessible for riders with physical and mobility difficulties.

These bikes are now stored at the cycle track at Halo Hereford Leisure Centre.

Adaptive cycles are only available when Halo’s Cycling Development Officers are at the cycle track – please check the timetable on the Halo website to see when these sessions are happening (they are called Staffed Sessions on the timetable). Use of these cycles are free during these times as they are included in the cost of booking onto the cycle track. 

For more information, please visit the Halo website, or contact the team by emailing:

There are many different bikes to try including:

  • TMX Trike
  • Wheelchair bike
  • Twin bike
  • Hand bike
  • Tandem bike
  • Tag-along bike

Wheelchair bike

Wheelchair bike

Twin bike

Twin bike at Hereford Cycle Track

Hand bike

Handbike at Hereford Cycle Track

Tandem bike

Tandem bike at Hereford Cycle Track

Tag-along bike

Tag-a-long bike for hire

TMX trike

TMX bike at Hereford Cycle Track

Further information

If you would like further information on how you can use these bikes for free please contact