Cycling and walking to school

Cycle to school

If you're new to cycling as a family, The Bikeability Trust have some really useful videos to help you get started, with everything from fitting helmets to negotiating junctions.

Before you start cycling in traffic, don't forget the familiarise yourself with the Highway Code.

Ensure that you can be seen and always be alert when you're out on the roads and don't forget to use your bell when cycling on shared use paths to let pedestrians know that you're there.

Bike check

Before setting off, always check that both your own bike and your child's bike are safe and ready to ride. The Sustrans M check video shows you how to do this.

As well as your bike, it's good to check that you're ready to go as well and make sure that anything you carry on the bike is secure - bike panniers are ideal!

Planning a cycle route

Take a look at the suggested routes to some Hereford primary schools below or use the route maps to plan your own cycle away from the busiest roads.

Beryl Bikes

Beryl Bikes can be ridden for as little as 5p a minute and there are now more than 60 bays throughout the city.

Park and cycle

If you're travelling into Hereford from further out, check out our park and cycle scheme. There are a number of locations on the outskirts of the city when you can park your car free and then continue your journey to school by bikes (or Beryl Bike), making the most of the traffic free routes.

Bike donations

Both St Michael's Hospice in Hereford and EnvironAbility in Ross-in-Wye sell second-hand, refurbished bikes and also gratefully accept donations of unwanted bikes.

Walk to school

If walking to school is more suitable for your family then give it a go - it has lots of benefits. It's a great way to spend some time together away from toys and screens and gives you and your child a chance to talk. It also leaves children feeling refreshed and invigorated aiding their concentration once in the classroom. Walking to school reduces traffic congestion, which can mean cleaner air around the school and helps to build some exercise into your family's daily routine. Find out more on our Walk to school page.

Planning your cycling or walking route

Our Hereford mini map shows both traffic free paths (blue) and suggested quiet routes (orange) in the city. It's a good idea to check the mini map and plan your route before setting off. There are often plenty of alternative quiet routes to cycle on throughout the city.

We also have cycle routes and mini maps for Leominster and Ledbury.

Below are some suggested walking and cycling routes to a few different primary schools in Hereford:

19 mins from Wordsworth Road along quiet roads. This route could also be cycled, with a couple of short sections through alleyways where you'll need to walk with your bikes.

14 mins from Whittern Way to Hampton Dene Primary using the crossing on Ledbury Road. Same route can be used to get to St Pauls primary as well.

21 mins along the traffic free path through Belmont and crossing Belmont Road at the crossing. This route could also be cycled as majority of route is on traffic free or quiet roads.

5 mins cycle ride from Aconbury Avenue (just off Hoarwithy Road) utilising the shared use path along Holme Lacy Road. This route is an 18 minute walk.

10 mins cycle ride along residential streets, onto the Great Western Way and then along the shared use path on Holmer Road. This route is a 30 minute walk.

6 minute cycle from Attwood Lane along the shared use paths on Roman Road and Holmer Road. This route is a 19 minute walk.