Beryl Bikes

image of how Beryl Bikes app works

It is now easier to travel around Hereford by bicycle, thanks to an easy to use bike share scheme in the city.

More bays have recently been added to the network so there are now 200 Beryl Bikes and 30 Beryl e-Bikes available from 65 Beryl Bays. The Beryl Bays are located around the city in a distinctive green colour.

Download the Beryl App

Map showing locations of all the Beryl Bays in Hereford

Map showing Beryl Bays located across Hereford

For how to join the scheme and to download the App, visit the Beryl Bikes website.

Users can see the location of all the Beryl Bays, how many bikes they contain, and the preferred parking locations to leave the bikes.

The scheme is designed with flexibility in mind and so users can park the bikes in non Beryl Bays for an additional charge, provided they are safely within the scheme area.

Beryl Bike leaning against statue of Elgar in Cathedral Close

Beryl Bike with the statue of Elgar in Cathedral Close, Hereford

If you would like to report any problems with the Beryl Bikes or vandalism please call 020 3003 5044 or email