Children's cycling activities and Play on Pedals

Holiday cycling activities

Unfortunately due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we won't be running any children's cycling activities this year.

About the cycling activities

Learn to Ride

  • Two-hour sessions for 4-11 year olds to help young riders move from balance bikes or stabilisers onto pedals
  • Parents are required to stay during these sessions

For the Learn to Ride sessions we usually remove stabilisers and pedals, then lower the seat and get the children to 'scoot' the bikes until they are comfortable balancing on a moving bike for quite long distances and using the brakes to slow. Finally we put the pedals on, and off they go.

Cycle Skills

  • Two-hour sessions for 6-11 year olds to learn more advanced cycling skills
  • Parents are not required to stay during these sessions

Led Ride

  • A short, off-road cycle ride, suitable for all ages
  • Parents and family members are welcome to join in

Play on Pedals sessions

Our Community Bicycle Ambassadors can help your street run Play on Pedals sessions throughout the year allowing children of all ages to play outside in a safe traffic-free environment. We have balance bikes and games for your children to use but please bring your own bikes, scooters and games if you can.

If you would like to close your local road/street for a Play on Pedals session to allow children to be able to play outside in a safe traffic-free environment, please contact us and we can organise this for you for free and provide cones and road closure signs. More information on the popular Play on Pedals initiative.

Children on bikes at Bright Sparks Playing Out Session

Further information

For further information on Learn to Ride, Cycle Skills, Led Ride or Play on Pedals sessions: