Riding a bike in Hereford

Where you can and where you shouldn't cycle

Thank you for cycling and helping to make Hereford a greener city.

Please be respectful of others and familiarise yourself with where you can and shouldn't cycle in the city centre.

The areas where you are legally required to dismount and push your bike are marked on the Hereford mini map with an orange dashed line. There will be signage on the ground to remind you too.

Where you need to dismount and push your bike

Pedestrian and cycling shared use pavement sign

You shouldn't cycle on any pavements unless there is a sign saying cycling permitted (the shared use sign).


Pedestrianised areas

Sign showing pedestrian zone except cycles between 4.30pm and 10.30am

  • High Town, High Street, Widemarsh Street, St Peters Street - cycling is not permitted here between 10.30am and 4.30pm
  • Eign Gate
  • Old Market
  • Victoria Footbridge
Narrow passages and alleyways, including
  • Alley between Church Street and High Town (by the side of Marks & Spencer)
  • Maylord Street, Trinity Square and Gomond Street
  • All Saints Passage (between Eign Gate and Bewell Street)
  • Union Passage (between Commercial Street and Union Street)
Subways into the city centre, including
  • Eign road/Eign Gate subway
  • Barton Road/St Nicholas Street
  • Between Asda and St Martins street

Map of Hereford city centre pedestrian area

Places where you can cycle but special rules apply

Hereford Cathedral Close

You are allowed to cycle through Cathedral Close but please respect the space and cycle slowly and carefully or dismount at busy times. Cycle parking areas are available outside Cathedral Close on Broad Street.

One way streets

Cyclists are subject to the same one way restrictions as motorists except where signage allows cycling. Some of the key routes where there is a cycle contraflow lane are:

  • King Street to the library and museum
  • Commercial Street and St Peter's Street
  • Union Walk (between the Country Bus Station and the rear access to the hospital)
  • St Owen's Street

If you are not sure please follow local signs on the ground.

Shared use paths

The Sustrans website has some tops tips for using shared use paths safely.

Woman pushing bike at the Victoria Footbridge in Hereford