Walking in Herefordshire

First steps to walking

Walking is a great way to become more active. It's a free activity, you don't need any special equipment and there is no need to drive to a destination first - get to know your local area and explore the world straight from your doorstep.

If you've been working from home more often than not, or other circumstances mean you are inside more than usual, then try heading out for a walk to break up your day and discover your happy place!

Our handy maps of Hereford and the market towns show you the best ways to get about, including lots of traffic free routes so you don't always have to be alongside a busy road. Most places are not far from a park or the surrounding countryside - it's easier than you think to find some lovely places straight from your own front door!

Meeting up for a walk is also a great way to catch up with a friend - walking and talking is good for mental wellbeing and 10 minutes of brisk walking a day is a fantastic way to begin to build on your physical fitness too. In fact walking can help to boost your health in lots of other ways - read more in this BBC Bitesize article.

If you would like to start exploring your area but have some little people that could do with some encouragement we've produced some seasonal fun things to spot sheets for when you're out and about.

Walking as part of your routine or relaxation

Once you're familiar with your local routes and shortcuts you could try building walking into your daily routine - walk to work or during a lunch break. Walk to school or to the local shops - it is often quicker than the car and gives you some breathing space.

If you need a little motivation why not join our virtual walks and see how far your steps will take you on our route. Find out more at Get Walking.

Not sure where to go or prefer to walk with others? Join a friendly led group learning Nordic walking and enjoy a great hour outdoors. Or find a local walking group with led walks or a group walking to improve their health and enjoy the support and encouragement of experienced volunteers.

Walk the county

If you fancy going a bit further afield why not try one of our circular walks. They vary in length, but you can discover the legend of the Mordiford dragon, follow in the footsteps of John Kyrle, visit the ruins of Weobley Castle or explore the banks of the river Wye to find Breinton Springs. And that is just for starters.

If you are a visitor to Herefordshire, walking is a great way to explore and discover the beauty of the area with your friends and family. Apart from the circular walks there are several long distance paths which you can combine with local walks to explore the area along the route.

So grab some comfy shoes and your favourite coat, go for an amble and discover your happy place!

While exploring the Herefordshire countryside, remember to keep dogs under control and follow the Countryside Code.