Led rides for women

Shirley and the Bicycle Ambassadors

Herefordshire Council's Community Bicycle Ambassador team know exactly how it feels when you are thinking about getting back to riding your bicycle, if you haven't ridden for a while, or maybe as a totally new rider. The team has everything you need to help make it easy for new, returning and reluctant riders, whatever your age or ability.

Shirley's Shorts are easy short rides - led by the Community Bicycle Ambassador team - for women, on traffic-free and quiet roads around Hereford. We ride as fast as the slowest rider and there's quite a bit of chat and post-ride café time. Riding time is about 30 minutes.

Community Bicycle Ambassadors work in, with and for communities to help people who want to ride to get into the saddle. So if your community group, for example PTA, Guides, WI group, wants to discover more about how they do it, just get in touch, email move@herefordshire.gov.uk and please make sure to put Bicycle Ambassadors in the subject line so that you get a prompt response. The Bicycle Ambassadors Privacy notice

Rides in 2018

In 2018 on the first and second Saturday morning every month, rides will leave from the Cider Museum, Pomona Place, Hereford - near Sainsbury’s. We meet from 10.30am for an hour of chat and craftiness. Rides set off at 11:30am and finish at a local café if you have time.

If Saturdays don't work for you, rides also take place each Friday. Rides set off from The Pharmacy Gorsty Lane, Hampton Dene, Hereford starting at 11:30am.

If you want to join a ride but don't feel confident to get to the start point, the Community Bicycle Ambassadors will put your pick up point on their route. Just email them your nearest bus stop - email PICKUP to move@herefordshire.org.uk

No bicycle? No problem

We have a bank of bicycles and, if we have your size, then you can borrow one for our rides - email BIKEME to move@herefordshire.gov.uk

The Bicycle Ambassador scheme is a centrally government funded project aimed at helping women of any ability, young and old - with or without a bicycle - if you think you might want to get out and about on two or three wheels. For more information email move@herefordshire.gov.uk today or check out the Bicycle Ambassadors UK page on Facebook or follow Fietserlife on Instagram.

If you would like to join our growing community of National and Local Ambassadors please visit www.bicycleambassadors.org.uk and apply today.

Cycling in the park