Integrated review for two year olds - information for professionals

Checks at age two are an opportunity to review a child's development in key areas and to identify those where progress is less than expected.

The two assessments at age two are complementary and equally important. They provide parents with a more complete picture of their child's development while conveying the importance of early identification of needs and provision of support to ensure children's health and good level of development.

Health and development review - This is completed by a Health Visitor when the child is aged two and a half using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). This is a universal entitlement which is carried out in the context of the child’s family and home environment and is part of the government's Healthy Child Programme.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) progress check - This is completed when a child is aged between two and a half and three, and is a statutory requirement of the EYFS so is carried out by the child's early years provider (including childminders).

Early years providers are encouraged to work with the Wye Valley Trust Health Visiting Team to establish good communication systems between their early years provision and Health Visiting team, in partnership with parents. This allows for any concerns identified as part of the reviews to be followed up quickly and effectively.

Our flow charts show the different pathways for early years providers, childminders, and healthcare professionals, as well as how these pathways integrate together and your role in the whole review process. You can also get a range of other useful resources, including all the forms needed to complete an integrated review. You can adapt these as necessary to your particular setting.

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