Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

The early years pupil premium (EYPP) gives providers of early education and childcare extra funding to support eligible three and four year olds.

Children will be eligible from the term after their third birthday, in line with the universal entitlement to free early education for three and four year olds, which they should be taking up.

Children will not need to access the full entitlement to be eligible for EYPP - providers will be paid on a pro-rata basis.

Four year olds in primary school reception classes who already receive the school-age pupil premium are not eligible for EYPP funding.

View the EYPP eligibility criteria

Identifying eligible children in your setting

All EYPP eligibility checks are now done automatically as part of the headcount via your provider portal, providing the consent box is ticked on the parent details tab. It is, therefore, important for providers to talk to parents about EYPP, to promote it and to gain consent for checks to be made.

Most two year olds entitled to free early education will also become eligible for EYPP when they turn three.

How to spend the money

The early years pupil premium is designed to give children from disadvantaged families the support they need to develop and learn, and to prepare for the next stage in their education at school.

It is very important that you can demonstrate EYPP money is making a difference. This is something Ofsted will ask about during inspections.

Some ideas and suggestions to help you plan the most effective use of the funding:

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