Statutory assessment in the EYFS

There are three statutory assessment points for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS):

  1. Progress Check at Age Two: The DfE has published new early years foundation stage (EYFS) guidance to provide support for early years practitioners when completing the progress check at age two. They have also published a vodcast to explain the new guidance to early years practitioners and a blog that highlights why the progress check is important now, more than ever
  2. Reception Baseline Assessment on entry to school (within first few weeks)
  3. The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile at the end of the reception year. This may be completed in school or in the pre-school provision if a summer-born child has remained there for their whole reception year and will go straight into Year 1 in the September following their fifth birthday
  • Development Matters and/or Birth to 5 Matters are non-statutory guidance which can support practitioners in their understanding of the typical pattern of child development from birth, and in planning an appropriate curriculum for their children. The non-statutory guidance materials must not be used as assessment checklists or for tracking purposes.
  • Please also see our Two Year Old Integrated Review page.
  • For information on the Reception Baseline Assessment: Reception Baseline Assessment publications
  • The DfE produces various documents and publications to support assessment against the Early Learning Goals at the end of EYFS, to provide guidance on how to make accurate profile judgements, evidence required, reporting to parents, and the responsibilities of school leaders with regards to moderation activity: Early Years Foundation Stage Profile publications

If you have any queries regarding statutory assessments, or require general advice on the principles of observational assessment in the EYFS, or support for moderation, please contact