Severe weather conditions - Flooding

Due to the current severe weather there may be some disruption to travel and schools - visit our severe weather page for the latest information.

Choose how you move

Choose how you move

Choose how you move aims to reduce traffic congestion and improve quality of life by promoting and supporting increased walking, cycling, bus travel and car-sharing. Choose how you move is funded by the Department for Transport.

If you would like help to start cycling or to walk more, we offer free cycle lessons, led rides and Nordic walking.

Whether you want to commute to work or enjoy a leisurely scenic ride, we offer a number of cycle routes around the county, as well as network routes passing through the area.

We offer Park and Cycle and rail and cycle facilities for those who live further afield but would still like to cycle their daily commute. We also work with businesses on travel planning to help provide suitable facilities for cyclists and help employees plan their journey.