Community car clubs

Herefordshire community car club pilot

The deadline for expressions of interest has closed.

Funded by the Central Government Covid Recovery Grant, Herefordshire Council wishes to support up to six communities to establish community car clubs during an 18 month pilot.

A community car club is a local, member-based initiative that provides access to pay-as-you-drive vehicles. Community car clubs are typically run by local groups to support their communities.

Car clubs can improve accessibility to transport provision for residents particularly in rural areas. They can also help households reduce their carbon footprint by not owning a car and having more consideration about car use.

An independent third party will be appointed to support the pilot car clubs, for example by:

  • Purchasing and loaning up to six pre-owned cars
  • Covering insurance, breakdown, MOT, servicing and repairs
  • Providing online booking systems and other administration

We invited communities to submit an expression of interest by Thursday 7 October 2021 and said to complete the form if you could demonstrate:

  • Evidence you have a steering group in place and named volunteers willing to undertake key roles, for example membership co-ordinator, car keeper, scheme promoter
  • Evidence that you have undertaken consultation and publicity and have at least three residents keen to join