Car share clubs

We awarded Malvern Hills Car Club a grant of £46,000 from the government’s Covid-19 recovery grant in September 2021 to help other community car clubs get started. So far, three new clubs have been set up in Kington, Fownhope and Leominster. Read the press release.

If you are interested in setting up a car club in your community please email as support is still available.

What is a Community car club?

A community car club is a local, member-based initiative that provides access to pay-as-you-drive vehicles. Community car clubs are typically run by local groups to support their communities.

Car clubs can improve accessibility to transport provision for residents particularly in rural areas. They can also help households reduce their carbon footprint by not owning a car and having more consideration about car use.

Malvern Hills Car Club are supporting the pilot car clubs, for example by:

  • Purchasing and loaning up to six pre-owned cars
  • Covering insurance, breakdown, MOT, servicing and repairs
  • Providing online booking systems and other administration