SEN children moving from pre-school setting to reception class

Transition meetings

The aim of a transition meeting is for all those involved with care of a child to be able to plan for a smooth and positive transition from their early years setting to school.

SEN children moving from pre-school setting to reception class

For children with special educational needs moving from a pre-school setting into a reception class there is also specific information to be gathered and recorded. This will help in planning for additional support or particular requirements for the child.

  • Once admissions lists have been confirmed in the spring term, start making visits to see children in their pre-school settings
  • During these visits ask the staff if there are any children coming into your class with additional needs
  • If there are, make arrangements with the pre-school and parents to have a transition meeting for that child. Some children may not be accessing an early years setting
  • Ensure you ask all parents during new intake taster sessions and parent meetings whether there have been any concerns about their child's development, any assessments by health professionals or other professionals. If there have, again, make arrangements for a transition meeting to include any professionals working with that child.

Use the transition pack to help plan and record this meeting.

Download SEN pre-school to reception transition pack