Physical and Sensory Support (PASS)

We provide specialist teaching and support for children and young people who have:

Schools, health visitors and other professionals are welcome to contact us with referrals.

All of our core and statutory work is provided free to early years settings, state-funded schools and colleges of further education.

We can provide:

  • Early intervention, such as hearing screening for new born babies
  • Specialist support, advice and teaching to pupils in early years settings, schools and colleges to promote inclusion and educational achievements
  • Specialist teaching in additional curriculum areas such as Braille, British Sign Language, Sign Supported English and alternative and augmentative communication systems
  • Checking and monitoring of all specialist equipment
  • Relevant training to individuals, schools and other agencies working with children and young people to ensure understanding and implications of their special need
  • Adaptation of curriculum materials
  • Advice on adaptations to buildings
  • Professional liaison and multi-agency working to provide co-ordinated support
  • Advice on special arrangements for internal and external examinations and assessments
  • Contribution to statutory assessment, annual reviews and individual programmes of work

We can assess, advise on and provide specialist equipment for short-term trial loan, or long-term loan in the case of specialist equipment and resources. These include:

  • FM systems for hearing impaired pupils
  • Hardware and software for visually impaired or physically disabled pupils
  • Specialist seating and other equipment for physically disabled pupils

For further information contact the physical and sensory support (PASS) teams:

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