Disability Access Fund

Disability Access Fund is money that is available to a nominated childcare provider once per year.


Three and four year old children who meet these criteria are eligible:

  • The child is in receipt of Disability Living Allowance
  • The child receives the Nursery Education Funding at a childcare provider in Herefordshire

Children become eligible for the Nursery Education Funding in the funding period after their third birthday.

Children do not need to take up all of their 570 Nursery Education Funding hours to be able to access the Disability Access Fund, and it is up to the childcare provider how the Disability Access Fund is spent. It cannot be used to pay for additional hours.

Four year olds in a reception class are not eligible for the Disability Access Fund.

Funding is paid at £800 per year and is paid to one childcare provider nominated by the parent.

Funding is not available to any childcare provider who is not claiming any Nursery Education Funding for the child.

Once funding for the year is paid, it will not be reclaimed even if the child leaves the setting. The new setting will not be able to receive any Disability Access Fund payment until the following year.

For further information and to apply, please read and complete the Disability Access Fund information and application form and return via Anycomms to 'Early Years Inclusion'.