Hereford High Town improvements

Investment over the next two years will see refurbishment to enhance the city centre - attracting visitors, supporting economic recovery and making it easier to travel around.

Improvements in the High Town area are designed to create an attractive, vibrant city centre to encourage visitors and shoppers to stay longer, spend and enjoy their leisure time. The measures will also help support existing shops and businesses, generate opportunities for retailers and support economic recovery.

New trees, planters and seating have already been installed in the market square and more are set for the surrounding areas, along with in-ground trees to create greener spaces and improve air quality. Innovative moss filters that combine specially selected mosses with technology will also help filter the air.

Repaving in Widemarsh Street and High Town will enhance these areas, and design ideas are being developed for the streetscape in Broad Street, King Street and the surrounding historic Cathedral and River Wye area.

People who travel to the city by bike will benefit from new cycle shelters, and a safer cycle route from the east with a contraflow along St Owen Street.