South Wye Transport Package

Update February 2021: At a full council meeting on 2 February 2021, council determined to stop the progress of the South Wye Transport Package southern link road scheme. More information on this decision can be found on the decision details notice 2021.

The decision follows a detailed review of the transport strategy for Hereford which set out to better understand existing and future transport conditions in the city, and to assess alternative options particularly in light of the declared climate and ecological emergency and changes to national transport policy.

About the South Wye Transport Package

Proposals set out in the South Wye Transport Package included the southern link road, improvements to facilities for pedestrians, new walking and cycling routes and the promotion of alternatives to driving in the South Wye area.

A cabinet member decision was published on 24 January 2020 outlining a review of the southern link road scheme. This took place alongside a review of the Hereford western bypass scheme and other work that together informed a review of the transport strategy for Hereford. For further information please see the decision details notice 2020 and news release.

Compulsory purchase and side roads orders

In March 2019, the Secretary of State for Transport confirmed the compulsory purchase and side road orders for the southern link road in Hereford.

The confirmation of the orders was received following the outcome of a public inquiry held in late October and early November 2018.

Public Inquiry

The Department for Transport held a Public Inquiry into the Compulsory Purchase Order and the Side Roads Order for the southern link road from 30 October to 13 November 2018.

Links to the published notices including the Statement of Case are included below, you may also like to view the FAQs about compulsory purchase orders.

Public Inquiry notices