Cleaner air, naturally

Three moss filters have been installed in Hereford - at Eign Gate, in Eign St and outside The Courtyard theatre.

Moss has possibly the best air cleaning and oxygenating capabilities of any plant, so is one of nature's best air filters, helping to naturally clean the air we breathe.

Moss has the natural ability to absorb and metabolise fine dust, converting particles into natural and harmless biomass. The particles it cannot use are stored as sediment. Moss also stores and evaporates large amounts of moisture which cools the air.

Moss filter in place at Eign Gate, Hereford

Moss filter at Eign Gate, Hereford

Although they take up the same amount of space as one tree, due to the enormous surface area of moss, the moss filter is more efficient at filtering and cooling the air around it.

The moss filters are part of a range of measures to enhance the city centre environment through investment funded jointly by the council and Marches LEP. The improvements aim to encourage people to spend more time in the city when they visit, helping to boost the local economy.

Moss mats clean about 80% of fine dust and particles from the air, and using ventilation technology filters breathing air for up to 7,000 people per hour. The moss filters will be located in busy traffic areas, where they will use specially selected mosses to help naturally absorb pollution from the air.

The moss filters also contain smart sensors which provide performance and condition information, so the impact on the local air quality will be available for all to see.

Moss filters are already being used in Europe and in other parts of the country including London and Newcastle.