There are a number of developments underway in Hereford to improve facilities and create a more attractive environment for residents, visitors, shoppers, workers and local businesses, encouraging people into the city and ensuring they have a great experience when they are here.

Refurbishment is taking place to help transform the city centre, with upgraded facilities in the Maylord Orchards shopping centre and new trees, planters and seating in the market square and the surrounding areas. This builds on the recent upgrade of Commercial Street to ensure Hereford continues to be an attractive and easily accessible destination where people want to stay longer, spend and enjoy leisure time, helping to support the economic recovery of local shops and businesses.

Improving how we travel in Hereford is important so there is easy access to work, education, shops and leisure activities. There are a number of projects to provide new and improved roads and facilities for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

The city link road is complete, providing an alternative route for vehicles while allowing development opportunities for a new transport hub, purpose-built student accommodation and modern health facilities.

A recent review of the transport strategy for Hereford considered ways to reduce traffic and improve flow to:

  • Make it more pleasant to move around the city
  • Create attractive well-maintained public areas that support walking and cycling and
  • Introduce a high quality, well-connected and low carbon transport system

A number of initiatives have been identified to ensure the city has the infrastructure needed to meet travel needs now and into the future. These include:

  • Active travel measures - walking and cycling, safer routes to school, low traffic neighbourhoods, transport sharing schemes and mobility hubs
  • Bus improvements - electrification of the urban bus fleet, school bus services, demand responsive bus services and bus priority measures
  • Car park management proposals
  • Eastern link river crossing from Rotherwas to Ledbury Road

You can find more information about the Hereford transport strategy review on the 3 December 2020 Cabinet agenda and minutes and news release.