There are a number of developments underway in Hereford to improve facilities and create a more attractive environment for residents, visitors, shoppers, workers and local businesses, encouraging people into the city and ensuring they have a great experience when they are there.

Investment over the next two years will see refurbishment to enhance the city centre - attracting visitors, supporting economic recovery and making it easier to travel around.

Recently upgraded facilities in the Maylord Orchards centre are attracting new businesses and community outlets, and there are proposals for the development of a new library in the centre as part of the Hereford Stronger Towns Fund.

A redeveloped museum, also part of the Stronger Towns plans, is set to bring together important heritage assets into a purpose-designed space.

Improving how we travel in Hereford is important so there is easy access to work, education, shops and leisure activities. There are a number of projects to provide new and improved roads and facilities for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists, including a planned new transport hub.