City centre travel improvements

Improving how we travel in Hereford is important so there is easy access to work, education, shops and leisure activities.

Work is underway to improve travel in the city through providing new and improved roads and facilities for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

The Beryl Bike (and e-bike) scheme has already proved immensely popular, with hundreds of people using the bikes to travel around the city.

A recent review of travel and transport in Hereford considered ways to reduce traffic and improve flow to make it more pleasant to move around the city. A number of initiatives have been identified to ensure the city has the infrastructure needed to meet travel needs now and into the future. These include:

  • Active travel measures - walking and cycling, safer routes to school, low traffic neighbourhoods and transport sharing schemes
  • Bus improvements - electrification of the urban bus fleet, school bus services and bus priority measures
  • Car park management proposals
  • Eastern link river crossing from Rotherwas

In addition, a proposed new transport hub will make it easier for visitors and residents to use buses and trains for their onward journey across the county and beyond. Set to be a central feature of a high quality, well-connected and low carbon transport system for the city, the transport hub is part of the Hereford city centre transport package funded by Herefordshire Council and Marches Local Enterprise Partnership.