City centre travel improvements

Work is underway to improve how we travel in Hereford through providing new and improved roads and facilities for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists, and a new transport hub.

The City Link Road (Station Approach), which opened in December 2017, links Hereford railway station to Edgar Street. This provides an alternative route for traffic and allows opportunities for development, helping make Hereford a more attractive place to live, work and visit. New health facilities at a GP hub are already being developed. Work has also started on new purpose-built student accommodation supporting the established Hereford College of Arts, and the new NMiTE University, helping to attract talented young people to study and work in the county.

People arriving in Hereford by bus or train who wish to visit the city centre are likely to walk or cycle from the station along Commercial Road, Blueschool Street and Newmarket Street. The refurbishment of these areas will make this short journey into Hereford city centre more pleasurable. A proposed new transport hub will make it easier for visitors and residents to use buses and trains for their onward journey across the county and beyond.

These schemes form the 'Hereford city centre transport package' funded by Herefordshire Council (£24.651 million) and Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (£16 million).