My First Library Card

My First Library squirrel and hedgehog banner

Meet Squirrel and Hedgehog - our new library reading mascots. They feature on My First Library Card - a library card for younger readers and their families.

We are distributing the card, designed by local artist Iain Welch, to preschools and early years practitioners. So you may have received one from your child's nursery, preschool or childminder.

Children can join a library from birth. My First Library Card makes the process a little easier. Activate the card online (below) or take it into your local library and you can start borrowing books for your child and family straightaway. 

Choose from our huge collection of exciting and colourful titles designed for sharing with young children and for encouraging a love of reading. We have board books, picture books, stories, early learning titles, audio and e-books for you to explore.

If you have a My First Library card you can activate it below using the number on the back on the card.

Activate My First Library card

If you don't have a My First Library Card yet, you can ask us for one in your library. 

See what we have for under fives in our libraries - and open up a treasure trove of books to borrow, stories, shared reading and activities.

And once you have a library card - join Squirrel Club and collect a sticker with each library visit towards a free book for your child!