Our values

The Spirit of Herefordshire

"We're investing in our people and culture to grow The Spirit of Herefordshire - A place to thrive, for both our community and employees." - Paul Walker, Chief Executive of Herefordshire Council.

To support us in this, we are looking for candidates who put PEOPLE at the heart of everything we do when we recruit. Our PEOPLE values are:

  • People:

    Treating people fairly, with compassion, respect and dignity.

  • Excellence:

    Striving for excellence, and the appropriate quality of service, care and life in Herefordshire.

  • Openness:

    Being open, transparent and accountable.

  • Partnership:

    Working in partnership and with all our diverse communities.

  • Listening:

    Actively listening to, understanding and taking into account people's views and needs.

  • Environment:

    Protecting and promoting our outstanding natural environment and heritage for the benefit of all.

Our priorities

We aim to attract people who are innovative, committed, professional, and take pride in working towards our priorities and making Herefordshire a better county to live, work and visit in line with our County Plan.

Our ambitions are to:

  • Protect and enhance our environment and keep Herefordshire a great place to live
  • Strengthen communities to ensure everyone lives well and safely together
  • Support an economy which builds on the county's strengths and resources

"Everyone who works for Herefordshire Council has a part to play in delivering a better future for the county and all our employees should feel supported, confident and able to do their best. Our team is professional, dedicated and determined to make a difference." – Paul Walker, Chief Executive of Herefordshire Council.

Our children and family services deliver a wide range of services to local families. Through partnership working we have a Children and Families Strategic Improvement Plan which guides our improvement processes and will help us to achieve a good Ofsted rating.

The wellbeing and safety of Herefordshire's children and young people is at the very heart of everything we do. Working closely with our partners in the police, health, schools, voluntary organisations and commissioned services enables us to get the right services at the right time to make a positive difference to those who are vulnerable and need our help and support.