Our plan and policies

Our vision

People, organisations and businesses working together to bring sustainable prosperity and wellbeing for all, in the outstanding natural environment of Herefordshire.


Herefordshire Council provides a wide range of services that combine to make a difference to residents' lives on a daily basis. These include education, social care, highways and transport, planning, culture, waste management, environmental health and trading standards.

Our priorities

Our council priorities are set out in our corporate plan and focus on the following:

Enable residents to live safe, healthy and independent lives

As a local authority we have specific powers and duties to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Herefordshire.

Our health and wellbeing strategy provides an overarching view of how the council will work with partner organisations, in sharing priorities and planning services, to improve the health and wellbeing of residents.

Our Public Health Plan 2017-2020 sets out the vision and key actions aimed at improving the health of local people, in five priority areas – Early help, children and young people, preventing long term conditions, mental health and emotional wellbeing and ageing well.

Fortunately, Herefordshire is generally a very safe place with some of the lowest crime rates in the country, however, we want to make things even better. Through our membership of the Community Safety Partnership, working alongside the police, probation, fire and health services, we encourage residents to become more involved in making where they live even safer.

Keep children and young people safe and give them a great start in life

We have the highest aspirations for all of our children and young people and aim to support them to build on their strengths and capacity while enhancing opportunities.

Our Children and Young People's Plan outlines how council services work to ensure children and young people in the county are given the best possible start in start in life so that they grow up healthy, happy and safe within supportive family environments.

The education strategy for Herefordshire sets out how the learning community in Herefordshire, including schools, colleges and the council, will work together so that all children and young people can achieve and attain the best they can.

Where families experience problems, the council aims to provide them with the support they need at the right time to meet their needs and to keep them in control of resolving their issues. The early help strategy sets out how help will be provided as soon as problems start to emerge or when there is a strong likelihood that problems will emerge in the future.

Where children and young people are looked after by the council they should have the same opportunities as all other children. It is important that they are safe and happy, and do well at school and socially, so that they are able to reach their full potential. The corporate parenting strategy sets out how the council will provide the best possible care and safeguarding for this group of children and young people so they grow towards adulthood equipped to lead independent, successful lives.

Support the growth of our economy

Herefordshire is a dynamic, vibrant and growing county. Herefordshire Council’s economic vision sets out its ambitions and intentions to maintain our county as a place where people want to live, work, learn and visit.

The council’s Core Strategy provides the strategic planning framework for the county's future development needs up to 2031. It sets out plans for sustainable growth with new homes and improved job opportunities. The local transport plan outlines the significant role that transport will play in achieving this.

Secure better services, quality of life and value for money

Like all other local authorities in the country, a reduction in funding from central government has meant that Herefordshire Council is having to make difficult decisions to enable it to deliver important services to residents while making savings.

Our medium term financial strategy demonstrates how the council will maintain financial stability, work efficiently and support investment in priority services while demonstrating value for money and maintaining service quality.

The Herefordshire Council corporate delivery plan sets out what the council intends to do over the next year within each of the priority areas above, and the measures it will use to identify where improvements have been made and where more work is needed.

You can find all the current council strategies, policies and procedures in our council strategies and policies directory.