Hereford High Town improvements

The city centre improvements are designed to support the local economy, enhance the city centre retail environment and reduce the revenue maintenance costs of the existing city centre. The High Town refurbishment scheme is part of an emerging master plan for Hereford city. It will create an attractive vibrant city centre to help support existing businesses and create new opportunities to encourage more visitors and retailers to the city centre. It will also create an excellent space for pedestrians and cyclists and will ensure a clean, modern and clutter-free city centre.

The Old Market development has improved the leisure and shopping experience in Hereford and has brought more people to Hereford city since it opened in May 2014. The refurbishment of Widemarsh Street in 2010 created a popular and attractive link between the old and new parts of the city and the High Town refurbishment will extend this area. Further improvements will be undertaken following the construction of the city link road.

You can keep up with the latest news on the Hereford 2020 blog.

In 2017, we consulted on a cycle contraflow in St Owen Street, Hereford. View the consultation.