Hereford Transport Package

UPDATE August 2019: A cabinet member decision was taken on Friday 9 August to pause and review work on the Hereford bypass. For further information there is a decision details notice and a media statement

Improving the way we travel in and around Hereford is important to reduce journey times, cut pollution, create a safer environment for all road users and make the city a better place to live, work, study and visit.

Proposals set out in the Hereford Transport Package include the Hereford bypass and associated improvements to walking, cycling, bus and public spaces, which are designed to make it easier to move about the city and give people more choice about how they travel.

It is a key infrastructure project that will:

  • Improve local and regional connectivity by providing an alternative route to the existing A49 through the city
  • Encourage new business and job creation by making Hereford a more attractive place to locate with improved road connections and more reliable journey times
  • Enable the delivery of future housing and educational development, attracting people to live and study in the city
  • Reduce the impact of accidents and breakdowns on the city’s roads by providing an alternative crossing for the River Wye
  • Reduce the impacts of transport on air quality and noise within the city, and improve road safety
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles by improving public spaces and encouraging more people to walk and cycle

The Hereford Transport Package, is identified as a priority within the council's Economic Vision, Local Plan Core Strategy (LPCS) and Local Transport Plan (LTP) and also within the Marches Strategic Economic Plan and Midlands Connect regional transport strategy.

If you have any questions about the Hereford Transport Package you can call 01432 261800 or email