School transport for 4-16 year olds

You have a legal responsibility to ensure that your child attends school regularly and this includes arranging travel to and from school, meeting the costs of this and accompanying your child as necessary. In some cases, we have a legal obligation to provide free school transport. Normally this will be a bus or rail service from a home address to the nearest school. The service will run at the beginning and the end of the normal school day and no transport is available for out-of-hours activities. We will help your child with home to school transport if your child is attending their nearest school and:

  • They live over three miles from school (over two miles if they're under eight), or
  • They have income-based free school meals and live over two miles from school, or
  • Their route to school is less than three miles, but too dangerous to walk even when accompanied

If you don't qualify for free transport

If you don't qualify for free transport you may be eligible for the Vacant Seat Payment Scheme. If we have a spare seat on a bus we may be able to 'sell' that seat to you in return for a termly contribution. The seat may be withdrawn however, with one week's notice, if an entitled passenger requires it. You will be sent details of the cost of contributions for that seat and once your contribution is received your pass will be sent to school for collection on the first day of school. The current full charge for parental contributions in 2018/19 is £789 a year, paid termly at £285 for the autumn and spring term and £219 for the summer term. A pro rata charge is made when not paying for all three terms.

Make a payment for school transport

If your child attends a faith school

If your child attends a faith school and you are in receipt of the highest level of working tax credit or eligible for free school meals and your child lives over three miles from school (over two miles if they're under eight), we will provide free transport for your child with transport from home to the nearest faith school. We will ask you for a contribution to transport costs if you don't meet the low income criteria.

Definition of 'nearest school'

The Department for Education (DfE) states: "The definition for nearest school is taken to mean the nearest qualifying school with places available that provides education appropriate to the age, ability and aptitude of the child, and any Special Educational Needs that the child may have". We cannot help with transport if you choose to send your child to a school other than the nearest school. Transport is only available between the school and your home address - you cannot use this transport to take your child to a second address or childcare facilities.

Find your nearest school

Other circumstances

There are other situations and circumstances which can affect the help we can offer with school transport. If any of the following apply, please download and read the full school transport policy for more information:

  • If your child lives at more than one home address
  • If your child was not able to get a place at the nearest school because it is oversubscribed
  • If your child has special educational needs, disability or mobility problems and is unable to walk to school
  • If your child is receiving free school transport and you are moving to a house where your child's school will no longer be the nearest school
  • If your child is moving school because of a permanent exclusion or managed move

If you have any queries, you can contact us by email or call us on 01432 260937 or 01432 260931

Herefordshire Council is the Data Controller under data protection law and will use the information you provide on this form for the purpose of organising your transport. The legal basis for processing this data is our legal obligations under the Education Act 1996 legislation. We will store your data securely for 6 years after any transport ceases in line with the Data Retention Schedule.  Herefordshire Council will only share your data with the Transport Operators and the School in order to provide you with transport and also Hoople Ltd for the collection of any payments.

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