Replacement transport pass

Rail passes

Replacement rail passes cost £30 which is non-refundable. Only one replacement rail pass can be issued in a 12 month period. Please note that rail passes are ordered direct from the train company and can take up to 28 days to arrive. We will not reimburse the cost of the fares while you are waiting for your replacement pass to arrive. Before the college you are attending can issue your rail pass you will need to provide them with a passport sized photograph which will be added to the pass.

Order a replacement bus or rail pass

Bus passes

Replacement bus passes cost £15 which is non-refundable. While you are waiting for your replacement bus pass we are unable to offer temporary bus passes or refund the costs of travel. If you require bus travel during the period you are waiting for your bus pass, please contact the relevant bus company for details of weekly season tickets, fares and routes.

Order a replacement bus or rail pass

The pass remains the property of Herefordshire Council, is for your sole use and is not transferable. The fraudulent use, copying or lending of a pass to another is a criminal offence.

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