Transport for children with special educational needs or mobility problems

Transport for children with mobility problems

If your child has mobility difficulties which prevent them from walking to or accessing the site of their local school, we will consider travel assistance to the closest suitable school to their home. We will assess the appropriateness of walking distance and site access on an individual basis.

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Transport for children with special educational needs

We take into account each individual pupil's special educational needs as detailed in a formal Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or other form of professional recognised assessment, at the time of assessment for transport.

Where the distance to the appropriate school is less than the statutory walking distance, we will consider travel assistance, taking into account the individual circumstances and the travel needs of the child.

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Appeal a school transport decision

If you disagree with a decision we make regarding school transport support for children with mobility problems or special educational needs, you can appeal a decision.

If you require further school transport advice, please contact us.

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Independent travel training

We offer a structured programme of support which is designed to promote independent travelling skills for young people with special educational needs. Assessments are undertaken by the travel trainers in conjunction with the young person, their school or college, work placements and their family. The assessment is designed to determine that the young person is aware of their environment and other people, can recognise dangers, can use pavements and road crossings appropriately.

For further information see the Talk Community Directory Independent travel training.