Faith schools

Where a parent or carer expresses a preference for a school based on religion or belief, and the child is from a low income group (defined as being entitled to free school meals or a family in receipt of the maximum level of Working Tax Credit), then a child aged 11-16 is eligible for free transport to the nearest suitable school if they live between 2 and 15 miles of the school. Contact if you believe you meet these criteria.

Where the low income criteria are not met we may be able to provide transport to the nearest school of your faith providing your child is attending on genuine denominational grounds, in return for a contribution towards the transport costs. Your child must live between 3 and 15 miles from school, or between 2 and 15 miles from school if aged under eight.

The current full charge for parental contributions for 2024/25 is £1,000 a year, either paid in advance online by debit or credit card, or monthly by direct debit in ten instalments from September to June. If you apply after 31 July your monthly payments will differ, see the table below for details. You will be asked your payment preference when you apply. If paying in full you will be sent details of how to pay if your application is approved. A pass will not be issued until payment is received.

Direct debit payment amounts

Direct debit applications for the 2024/25 academic year (travel from September 2024) are being accepted.

Application date Balance Monthly payment No. of payments First payment Total cost
Before 31 July £1,000 £100.00 10 1 Sep £1,000
1 Aug to 31 Aug £1,000 £111.11 9 1 Oct £1,000
1 Sep to 30 Sep £1,000 £125.00 8 1 Nov £1,000
1 Oct to 31 Oct £889 £127.00 7 1 Dec £889
1 Nov to 30 Nov £789 £131.50 6 1 Jan £789
1 Dec to 31 Dec £684 £136.80 5 1 Feb £684
1 Jan to 31 Jan £605 £151.25 4 1 Mar £605
1 Feb to 28 Feb £498 £166.00 3 1 Apr £498
1 Mar to 31 Mar £421 £210.50 2 1 May £421

Apply for faith school transport

Where transport assistance is provided you may need to meet the allocated bus at a stop along its existing route, travel between home and the stop is the responsibility of parents and carers. This statement should be read in conjunction with the Herefordshire home to school transport policy.

Primary schools - Church of England

  • Bodenham, St Michael's C.E Primary
  • Brampton Abbotts C.E Primary School
  • Bridstow C.E Primary
  • Cradley C.E Primary
  • Fownhope, St Mary's C.E Primary
  • Hereford, St James' C.E Primary
  • Hereford, St Paul's C.E Primary
  • Hereford, St Thomas Cantilupe C.E Primary
  • Kimbolton, St James' C.E Primary
  • Kingsland C.E Primary
  • Lea C.E Primary
  • Leintwardine Endowed Primary
  • Leominster, Ivington C.E Primary
  • Llangrove C.E Primary
  • Much Marcle C.E Primary
  • Pembridge C.E Primary
  • Pencombe C.E Primary
  • Weston-under-Penyard C.E Primary
  • Whitchurch C.E Primary

Primary schools - Roman Catholic

  • St. Francis Xavier's R.C. Primary School
  • St. Joseph's R.C. Primary School
  • Our Lady's R.C. Primary School

Secondary schools - Church of England

  • The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School, Hereford

Secondary schools - Roman Catholic

  • St Mary's R.C. High School, Lugwardine

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