Transport for 16-19 year olds

We are able to provide transport assistance to some students attending college or sixth form (including Beacon College and years 12, 13 and 14 at Westfield School). You can apply for transport if you meet the following criteria:

  • You go on to full-time education after you leave school in year eleven
  • You're under 19 years old at the beginning of the academic year
  • You live more than three miles from your place of study
  • You live at an address that pays Council Tax to Herefordshire Council
  • You are studying a full-time course (more than 15 hours a week) in Herefordshire, unless you're studying outside the county because your course is unavailable in Herefordshire

View our post-16 school transport policy statement 2022/23

Please read this page fully before making an application.

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Travel payments

You will need to pay a contribution towards the cost.

The current full charge for parental contributions for 2024/25 is £1,000 a year, either paid in advance online by debit or credit card, or monthly by direct debit in 10 instalments from September to June. If you apply after 31 July your monthly payments will differ, see the table below for details. You will be asked your payment preference when you apply. If paying in full you will be sent details of how to pay if your application is approved. A pass will not be issued until payment is received.

Direct debit payment amounts

Application date Balance Monthly payment No. of payments First payment Total cost
Before 31 July £1,000 £100.00 10 1 Sep £1,000
1 Aug to 31 Aug £1,000 £111.11 9 1 Oct £1,000
1 Sep to 30 Sep £1,000 £125.00 8 1 Nov £1,000
1 Oct to 31 Oct £889 £127.00 7 1 Dec £889
1 Nov to 30 Nov £789 £131.50 6 1 Jan £789
1 Dec to 31 Dec £684 £136.80 5 1 Feb £684
1 Jan to 31 Jan £605 £151.25 4 1 Mar £605
1 Feb to 28 Feb £498 £166.00 3 1 Apr £498
1 Mar to 31 Mar £421 £210.50 2 1 May £421

You may be able to apply to the college you are attending for help with funding your transport costs. If you are unsuccessful in receiving a subsidy or bursary, you will have to fund travel yourself.

No refunds are issued for reduced or cancelled travel in the summer term.


You can apply online even before you have been accepted into college. If your application is unsuccessful you will be refunded. Please note you must allow up to 28 days for the provision of a travel pass and we are unable to refund travel expenses incurred while travelling without a pass.

The closing dates for applications for train passes are:

  • Autumn Term 2024 train passes - Friday 27 September 2024
  • Spring Term 2025 train passes - Monday 20 January 2025
  • Summer Term 2025 train passes - Monday 12 May 2025

Travel information

You should fully explore your travel options before making an application.

You can find information on bus routes on our bus services page. Students attending their local school sixth form will be allocated a space on existing school transport. On the majority of routes, a bus or rail travel permit will allow you to travel at any time during the day before 6pm Monday to Friday, term-time only.

We recommend investigating your route to college as the cost of 'pay as you go' or 'buy a multiple journey' tickets may be less than the amount we charge if you are not travelling every day.

The 16-17 Railcard enables the purchase of rail tickets at a 50 percent discounted rate. If you intend to travel to college by rail from Leominster, Ledbury or Colwall stations you should investigate this option. Further details are available at 16-17 Saver.

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