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Direct cremation

A direct cremation is the term used in the funeral industry for the simplest cremation available with no funeral service or mourners in attendance.

Direct cremation is available at Hereford Crematorium. You can arrange it with or without a funeral director.

Criteria for a direct cremation:

  • Must be arranged at 8.30am, Monday to Friday
  • No mourners to be in attendance
  • Must arrive on time
  • That a clean suitable vehicle be used to bring the coffin to the crematorium
  • That all staff are dressed appropriately
  • That sufficient people are provided to convey the coffin to the catafalque in a dignified manner. (Use of the crematorium wheel bier is permitted and a bearer may be arranged for an additional fee)
  • In accordance with the Code of Cremation Practice, all coffins will enter the crematorium through the main chapel doors and be placed on the catafalque