Personalising your cremation service

At Hereford Crematorium we are working with funeral media specialists Obitus to deliver high quality audio-visual services. We can provide you with the opportunity to personalise your loved one’s funeral by pulling together music, photographs and video so that the funeral can be a special celebration. Please speak to your funeral director about these services. If you are arranging the funeral yourself, the crematorium office can assist you with any of these services.                                         


Few things help capture a personality more than music. We can help you provide the right music to create a deeply moving moment of reflection. Just let your funeral arranger know which songs you’d like, and they’ll work with Obitus, to make sure they’re played on the day. Even if it’s a rare track, the dedicated Obitus team will do their best to source it. We can create the perfect playlist for your funeral service.

  • Choose your music and let us know what you want. We recommend at least three tracks per service, to cover the entry, reflection, and exiting the service.  
  • Visit the Obitus Music and Hymns libraries to explore what’s already available. 
  • Dedicated music team: On the rare occasion your choice isn’t already in our library, the Obitus team will do all we can to personally find it for you.  

If you prefer live music, there is also an organ available. An organist can be booked for your service by the funeral director.

Visual tributes

Pictures are a beautiful way to remember your loved one. We can provide Visual Tributes on HD screens, ranging from a single image to a video montage – all using your own photos, film, and music. You can also take the tribute away as a tastefully presented Keepsake to watch at home or at another memorial event. 

Single photo

This is a picture of your loved one that can be shown on screens at the venue throughout the funeral service. This can act as a poignant focal point for reflection throughout the service.


  • One photo displayed on all available screens throughout the service.
  • The option to have multiple single photos is also available upon request.

Music tribute

This tribute gives you the opportunity to set your photos perfectly to your choice of music. The video can be played at a chosen time during the service.


  • Your choice of 25 photos.
  • Timed perfectly to your choice of music track.
  • A careful creation and edit of your chosen photos and music to create an impactful Music Tribute. 
  • This video will be played at your chosen time during the service.

Tributes and Live Streams can also be created as a Keepsake.

Basic slideshow without music

You can choose up to 25 photos these will be put together as a tasteful slideshow gently fading between each photo.


  • Your choice of 25 photos.
  • This tribute can be played at a chosen moment or looped for the duration of the service.
  • This includes a careful quality-check and cropping of your photos to create a streamline slideshow for display.
  • Please note this option does not include music.

Your chosen tribute will be carefully edited, so on the day it’s ready to be played at your preferred point.

Extra options

  • Add more photos and even video footage to any of our Tribute options at an extra charge.
  • Tributes are available as Keepsakes for other memorial events or simply to watch in your own time.
  • Families can also submit their own complete tribute for an additional cost. We’ll check it, upload it and make sure it plays at the right time.
  • You can turn your Tribute (and Live Stream) into a Keepsake. To find out more, explore Keepsakes.
Visual tributes Cost VAT Total
Single photo (a single photo shown throughout the service) £15 £3 £18
Basic slideshow. Photo slideshow of up to 25 photos with simple transitions that can be set to loop. This option does not include music. £41.67 £8.33 £50
Music slideshow.  A beautifully simple photo tribute of up to 25 photos, timed to a chosen piece of music with fade transitions. £62.50 £12.50 £75
Themed tribute. A photo montage with a difference. Choose from a range of themes and have up to 25 photos professionally edited and timed to a chosen piece of music. £83.33 £16.67 £100
Family supplied video tribute. Family supplied video or photo tribute used as received with basic quality checks performed by the Obitus team. £21.67 £4.33 £26
Bespoke tribute.  A professionally crafted bespoke tribute for the service by our Obitus media team.
Families and funeral arrangers will have access to a “bespoke concierge” to create something unique and personal.
£333.33 £66.67 £400
Extra photo charge for each extra 25 photos on a visual tribute £17.50 £3.50 £21
Tribute download. A downloadable version of a visual tribute, to keep forever £8.33 £1.67 £10
Downloadable copy of professional photo tribute £10 £2 £12
Extra work charge - applied for additional work outside the norm £17.50 £3.50 £21


Not everyone will be able to make the service, but they can still join you in saying goodbye with our Streaming option.  Our Live & On Demand Streaming service allows friends and family to watch the ceremony as it happens, or any time during the following 28 days. We can also provide a video recording to watch in your own time, presented as a Keepsake in a range of formats. To arrange Streaming for your service, just speak to your funeral arranger.


  • Clear view: You can see the catafalque, lectern, the front row of mourners and the Tribute screens on the Live Stream camera.
  • Watch from anywhere: The stream connection is checked each morning so that viewers can attend the service online with confidence.  
  • Private and secure: We generate unique log in details for each service and send them to those that need them.
  • On demand: After the service, a video will be available online within three working days where it can be watched for a further 28 days at a time that suits you.
  • Option to create a keepsake:  You can turn your Live Stream (and Tribute) into a Keepsake.
Webcasting Cost VAT Total
Live & On Demand - Stream a service live and watch on demand for a further 28 days, with the option to download £45.83 £9.17 £55


Sometimes the day of a funeral can be a bit of a blur. With our memorial Keepsakes, you’re able to watch the service, video tribute, or both at a time that suits you. Our choice of formats includes linen-covered DVDs, USBs, Video Books and Memory Boxes, making it easy to preserve the memories. 

USB or DVD features 

  • Personalised name and service date on the front of the case.                                                                  
  • Have footage of your Streamed service, Tribute, or both.  
  • USB comes in a stylish and durable clear acrylic material. 
  • DVD printed with a personalised name and service date.  
  • Case made with a beautiful linen cover. 
  • Add video / picture

Video Book features  

  • Personalised name and service date on the front of the case. 
  • Made with an LCD screen set in a beautiful linen cover.  
  • Can include the streamed funeral service, Tribute, or both.  
  • Play, pause, fast forward, rewind and adjust the volume with the buttons below the screen. 
  • Comes with USB charger cable that’s compatible with any USB port. 
  • Add video / picture

Memory Box features 

  • Personalised name and service date on the front of the case. 
  • Made with a beautiful linen cover.  
  • Comes with 25 photos of size 6”x9” (152.4mm x 228.6mm).
  • Includes USB and DVD of Streamed service, Tribute, or both.  
  • Add video / picture

Every Keepsake – handled with care

  • High quality recording equipment in the venue means a high-quality recording of the service. 
  • Useful for future memorial events or simply to watch in your own time. 
  • The Obitus dedicated media team create, edit and hand-pack your bespoke, personalised Keepsake. 
  • Even if you didn’t book a Stream or a Tribute before your service, you can still order a Keepsake as we record all services and keep footage for up to 28 days just in case.  
Keepsakes Cost VAT Total
DVD, USB, Blu-Ray or audio CD - A keepsake copy of the service, tribute or both £50 £10 £60
Video Book - A Keepsake Video Book displaying the service, tribute or both. £79.17 £15.83 £95
Memory Box - A premium quality Memory Box with 25 printed photos, a keepsake USB
and a keepsake DVD displaying the service, tribute or both.
£108.33 £21.67 £130
Second copies - Extra copies of Keepsake DVD, USB, Blu-Ray or audio CDs £23.33 £4.67 £28
Services for young people whose age did not exceed 18 years Cost
Single Photo, Basic Slideshow and Live & On Demand
Alternatively, the value of these products can be credited against a more premium option if preferred
No charge

To find out more, explore Keepsakes on the Obitus website.

Remember them your way

There are many ways we can help you make a funeral more personal, and we also appreciate that you may not want any pictures, video, or music at the service. Giving you choice to create your perfect goodbye is what matters most to us.  

Visit the Families page on Obitus to find out more about all the all the ways to personalise a ceremony using audio and media, then speak with your funeral arranger to book them for your service. 

Find more information and a map on our Hereford Crematorium page.

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