Annual Canvass 2019

The Annual Canvass starts in July 2019. We will send a household enquiry form to every property in Herefordshire. The household enquiry form lists everyone currently registered to vote at the property, giving you the opportunity to add any new names or remove any out of date information.

All properties must respond to the household enquiry form, even if there is no change to your information.

What you will need to do

  • Confirm that the details of those living at your address and registered to vote are correct
  • Add anyone new (including anyone aged 16 or 17)
  • Delete anyone no longer in the household

Anyone in the household can complete the form - remember it is a legal requirement to respond to this form.

How to respond to your household enquiry form

You can respond to your form by using one of the following options. Please have your two security codes to hand.

If there are no changes to your information:

  • Text your two security codes separated by a space via text message to 07786 209348 or
  • Call our automated telephone system to enter your two security codes: 0808 2841448 (English) or 0808 2841449 (other languages)

If there are changes to your information, you can:

The household enquiry form does not register you to vote. Any new residents added to your form must ensure they are registered to vote.