Create your signature photo

This will be stored securely and matched with your signature each time you vote by post. Your vote might not be counted if the signatures do not match.

1. Sign your name by hand

Steps for signing

  1. Sign your name exactly as you normally would in black ink. Do not use coloured inks
  2. Use plain white paper without wrinkles. The paper must be big enough to include all of your signature. Do not use coloured paper, or paper with lines, squares or patterns
  3. Check that your signature looks how it normally does

Correct signature photo

Signature on lined paper

2. Take a photo of your signature, or scan it into your computer

Steps for taking a photo

  1. Find a well-lit area so there'll be no shadows in the picture
  2. Hold your phone or camera above your signature so all of it is captured in the picture
  3. Zoom in (if you need to) to get rid of anything in the background, for example your desk
  4. Take your photo and check it meets the requirements
  5. Save or transfer the photo to the device you're using to apply

Correct signature photo

Signature with shadow

Signature wrong way up

Signature too small and showing desk

Steps for scanning your signature onto your computer or laptop

  1. Scan in your signature
  2. Check the picture meets the requirements
  3. Save the image to the device you're using to apply

3. Check your signature meets the requirements

Make sure your signature is:

  • In focus
  • Without shadows
  • Without anything showing in the background
  • The right way up