Voting anonymously

You may be able to register anonymously if you are concerned about your name and address appearing on the electoral register because you think that it could affect your safety, or the safety of someone in the same household as you.

You will need to:

  • Explain why your safety (or the safety of someone in the same household as you) would be at risk if your name and address appeared on the electoral register.
  • Provide documentary evidence of a court order or an attestation from an authorised person to support your application.

How registering anonymously works

If you are registered anonymously, your name and address will not appear on the electoral register and you will not be included on any registration forms sent to your address. The Electoral Registration Officer will contact you separately. You will still be able to vote.

Please contact Electoral services for the relevant form.


Electoral services contact details

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Telephone: 01432 260107

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