About the Lieutenancy

Roles & Responsibilities

The Lord-Lieutenant of Herefordshire and Mrs Victoria Harley

Royal Visits                          

The Lieutenancy arranges Royal Visits in Herefordshire. This role includes submitting invitations and suggesting programmes of visits.

Heads of State                   

It is the Lord-Lieutenant’s duty, as His Majesty’s representative, to meet a Head of State visiting the County.

Presenting Awards           

The Lord-Lieutenant presents medals and awards on behalf of His Majesty The King.  These include the Elizabeth Cross and the British Empire Medal.  In addition, other medals such as OBEs, MBEs etc can be presented locally at the recipient’s request.

UK National Honours        

The Lord-Lieutenant gives discreet assistance to the Cabinet Office’s Honours and Appointments Secretariat regarding nominations.  The Lord-Lieutenant actively encourages strong nominations thereby promoting public awareness of the system.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

The Lord-Lieutenant promotes the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (QAE) and encourages nominations.  Businesses are invited to nominate themselves for the Award.  The Lord-Lieutenant presents the Award to winners.

The Queen’s Awards for Voluntary Service    

The Lord-Lieutenant promotes the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS); encourages nominations and organises the first stage of the County assessment process.  The Lord-Lieutenant presents the Award to winners.

Royal Garden Parties

Following representations from within the county the Lord-Lieutenant nominates guests to attend  Royal Garden Parties.


The Lord-Lieutenant strongly supports the Magistracy.  The Lieutenancy usually attends the swearing in of new magistrates and, in addition, presents long service awards.

Citizenship Ceremonies    

Members of the Lieutenancy attend Citizenship Ceremonies when new citizens take the Oath of Allegiance to become British Citizens.

The Armed Forces             

The Lord-Lieutenant supports the Armed Forces and Army Charities in Herefordshire and gives particular support to the Reserve Forces and the Cadet Forces in the County.

Local Government and the Emergancy Services           

The Lord-Lieutenant has close ties with Herefordshire Council and with the key Emergency Services.

Local Communities

The Lord-Lieutenant and the Lieutenancy have excellent links within the community, commercial and social life of the County.

The Lieutenancy is the focal point for encouraging a sense of community in the county, promoting voluntary activity for the benefit of all.  The Lord-Lieutenant can have a significant impact on the community by recognising, commending, connecting, communicating and thanking all who contribute to the wellbeing of the county.