Annual Canvass 2020

The Annual Canvass is a statutory requirement to ensure the accuracy of the Electoral Register. The Electoral Registration Officer will contact you every year (usually between July and November) to make sure we have the right details on the electoral register for every address in Herefordshire. You will need to check that your household details are correct.

This year a change in the law allows the Electoral Registration Officer to use modern communication channels to contact householders. Please look out for this communication to your household, check the contents and follow the instructions carefully.

Why do you send this out every year?

Every property in the local authority is contacted as part of the annual canvass to find out if there have been any changes to who is living at that address. If there are changes, you must provide the information requested. The information provided to the canvass communication will allow us to send a separate individual registration form to all of the people in your household who are not yet registered, including any 16 or 17 year-olds and remove anyone who no longer lives at the address.

I've already applied to register to vote, do I need to respond to the annual canvass communication too?

Yes. The canvass communication is not a registration form, but instead provides us with information on who lives in your household.

I've already responded to my annual canvass communication, why do I need to complete an invitation to register form?

If you have recently moved into your address and added your name to your canvass communication response, we will send you an invitation to register. Adding your name to the response does not automatically register you to vote, it simply lets us know who is resident at the address. You need to provide extra information about yourself to register to vote such as your date of birth and national insurance number.

Do I have to respond to a canvass communication?

If you have been sent a canvass communication which states you must respond, you need to respond by law, and provide the information requested even if there aren't any changes to your information. Please check the wording on your communication.

There is a criminal penalty for failing to provide the information required by the canvass form to the Electoral Registration Officer of a maximum of £1,000. The penalty for providing false information to an Electoral Registration Officer is imprisonment of up to 51 weeks in England and Wales or, (on summary conviction) an unlimited fine.

How to respond

Full details will be provided on the communication sent to you so please follow this carefully - We are encouraging the use of modern communication channels if a response is required - the easiest way to respond is online:

Complete your annual canvass response (only one response per household is required)

If you have any questions or concerns call us on 01432 260107 or email