Single person discount

You get 25 percent off your Council Tax bill if:

  • You live on your own or
  • You live with other people but they are all under 18

Apply or cancel single person discount online

If you cannot apply online you will need to download an application to complete. You can email the completed form to us at

If you live with other people who are aged 18 or over you may be able to get money off your Council Tax bill in other ways.

Changes in your circumstances

We have a duty to ensure our Council Tax records are accurate and reflect the current situation so we review all single person discounts each year. As part of the annual review of discounts, Council Tax data is matched with other records including credit reference agencies to confirm if your situation has changed.

You must inform us of any change to your circumstances within 21 days or you may have to pay a £70 penalty.

Partner in armed forces or works away

If your partner is a member of the armed forces or works away and only comes home occasionally you cannot claim single person discount. Your home is still treated as your partner's main and sole residence for Council Tax purposes as there is an intention to return to the property as part of the family unit.

Friend staying

If you have a friend staying for a short period, providing your friend has a main residence elsewhere, they will not be considered part of your household and therefore you are still entitled to single person discount.

Child aged 18 and studying at college

The effect on your single person discount will depend on where your child is living. If they live in a hall of residence then you will still be entitled to your single person discount but if they continue to live with you, you will not be entitled to it. You may, however, be entitled to a student discount.

Two homes

If you have two homes you cannot apply for single person discount on both. You can only apply for the property which is your main home and providing you are the only adult living there.