Ministry of Defence's Council Tax Relief

Herefordshire Council do not offer any discount to serving members of HM forces while deployed abroad, this applies throughout the country and is in accordance with Council Tax legislation and government guidelines.

However, all armed forces personnel deployed on operations overseas, who normally pay Council Tax, can claim a tax-free payment on the cost of their Council Tax, which is paid directly by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

What is the relief?

The Ministry of Defence's Council Tax Relief for service personnel is paid to those serving personnel who pay Council Tax while they are in the United Kingdom and are living in accommodation classed as Service Families Accommodation (SFA) by the MoD.

How is the relief paid and calculated?

It is paid for each day that eligible service personnel are in the location where the relief has been declared as payable, and includes days on Rest and Recuperation where soldiers are authorised to take ordinary leave away from hostile fire and imminent danger areas. It stops being paid the day after they leave the area. The daily rate for this relief is based on 50 percent of the average Council Tax per dwelling in England, which amounts to approximately £296 for the average six-month tour for personnel on eligible operations overseas.

Am I eligible?

Those eligible to claim the MoD's Council Tax Relief are all Regular Service personnel, mobilised Reserves and Full-Time Reserve Service (Full or Limited Commitment) personnel serving in operational locations specified by the MoD who pay Council Tax for a private property or Contributions in Lieu of Council Tax for Service Families Accommodation.

Contributions in Lieu of Council Tax (CILOCT) and Service Families Accommodation (SFA)

Contributions in Lieu of Council Tax (CILOCT) are what all families living in Service Families Accommodation (SFA) pay instead of Council Tax. CILOCT is collected by the MoD and then paid to councils dependent on how many SFA are in their area.

Service Families Accommodation (SFA) is provided by the MoD so that your serving partner can live as close to their duty station as possible and live married and accompanied by their partner. Housing is allocated dependent on your entitlement as close to your duty station as possible within a 10-mile radius. Further information on your eligibility to SFA. You must have successfully applied for SFA in order to claim this Council Tax Relief.

How to claim

To claim this discount from the MoD, you need to go to your unit HR staff with the relevant Council Tax bill. The MoD will then calculate your payment on a daily rate and it will be paid as a lump sum in your salary at the end of your Operational Tour.