Disabled person reduction

If your property has been adapted to meet the needs of someone substantially and permanently disabled (adult or child) we may be able to reduce your bill by putting your property into a lower Council Tax band. If you are in the lowest band already (band A) , then we will reduce your bill by one ninth of a band D charge.

The disabled person must be living in the property and the property must have at least one of the following:

  • You have a room which is not a bathroom, kitchen or toilet which is mainly used by, and is essential for meeting the needs of the disabled person or
  • There is an additional kitchen or bathroom adapted for the needs of the disabled person or
  • A wheelchair is used indoors by the disabled person

You will need to complete an application and produce confirmation from the disabled person's doctor, social worker or occupational therapist to confirm they need these special features in the property because of their disability.

Download a form to claim a discount for a person who is disabled