Living independently

There are many types of independent housing but usually independent housing means that you have signed a tenancy or licence agreement and so you are responsible for paying rent, being a good neighbour and keeping your home clean and in good repair.

Your personal advisor will speak with you about moving to independent accommodation and together you will decide when this is right for you. Your personal advisor or social worker may ask for some evidence – such as proof that you’ve paid all your bills and can manage all of your appointments. They will also need to see that you have been a good neighbour by not creating too much noise or inviting a lot of friends over. They will also want to know that you can keep yourself safe and know how to respond to an emergency.

You might prefer to move to live with other young people in a house-share, with friends or a partner. This can be a good idea as it can be a lot cheaper as well as more fun having other people around to spend time with and support each other.

You may choose to move into private rented accommodation or ask to be put on the housing register. Care Leavers in Herefordshire do go into the priority needs category for social housing. Once you and your personal advisor or social worker agree you are ready you can be registered on Home Point Herefordshire.

You are entitled to up to £2000 Leaving Care grant when you move to live independently.

Contact the 16+ care leavers team

Your personal advisor will give you their phone number for you to contact them directly. If you need some urgent advice or support, please contact the 16+ duty worker using the details below.

Address: 33-35, Union Street, Hereford HR1 2BT
Office open 8.45am to 5.15pm Monday to Thursday or 8.45am to 4.45pm on a Friday

Telephone: 01432 261626

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