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You can plan your bus journey, find bus timetables and get updates on the latest services on the Traveline West Midlands website. You can also call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 for advice on local and national bus services.

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For journey planning and public transport information for services in Herefordshire and throughout Great Britain, call: 0871 200 22 33, website: www.traveline.info.

Bus services in Herefordshire are provided by a number of operators. For specific advice on bus fares, lost property or disruptions to services, see the bus contacts page.

Bus travel updates and service disruptions

Bus service changes from 14 October 2019

420 Hereford - Bromyard - Worcester

The 0715 Bromyard, Flaggoner's Green to Worcester journey operates to Dines Green Primary School and then as service 30 arriving at Worcester Bus Station at 0822. Through fares are available.

The following journeys are withdrawn:

  • 0635 Worcester - Bromyard
  • 1742 Bromyard, Flaggoner's Green - Worcester

Bus service changes from 1 September 2019

32 Ross-on-Wye – Gloucester
  • Changes to timetable including withdrawal of late journey
  • Revised route into Gloucester to get closer to Gloucester Quays
  • Sunday journeys only to serve between Gloucester and Newent during the day (see service 33)
33 Hereford – Ross-on-Wye – Gloucester
  • Changes to timetable
  • Revised route into Gloucester to get closer to Gloucester Quays
    • Journeys to Hereford revised to operate via Widemarsh Street to Rail Station
    • Full 33 Sunday service to match Mondays to Saturdays
    • John Kyrle School better served for journeys to/from Hereford
34 Ross-on-Wye – Monmouth
  • Changes to timetable
35 Ross-on- Wye – Coleford – Monmouth
  • Minor changes to Mondays to Fridays timetable
36 Hereford – Monmouth
  • Changes to timetable
  • Revised to serve the Overmonnow in Monmouth on certain journeys to/from Hereford
  • Journeys to Hereford revised to operate via Widemarsh Street to Rail Station
40 Ross-on-Wye – Greytree (Circular)
  • Changes to timetable
  • Additional journey at 0850
  • Improved arrival times on service 40 for passengers to connect to 35
40A Ross-on-Wye – Tudorville
  • Changes to timetable
  • Additional journey introduced
44 Ross-on-Wye – Kings's Thorn
  • Changes to timetable
  • New service 44 school journey introduced
76A Bartonsham Circular
  • 0820 Mondays to Fridays journey from City Bus Station revised to start from Shire Hall at 0825
132 Ledbury – Gloucester
  • Changes to timetable
401, 404 Leominster – Barons Cross (Circular)
  • New service 404 Leominster, Buckfield Road, Barons Cross, Morrisons, Barons Cross, Buckfield Road, Leominster replaces withdrawn 406 service
  • Service operates every 30 minutes until lunchtime and then hourly on Mondays to Fridays
  • Saturday buses run every hour
  • Withdrawn 401 journeys replaced by service 404
402 Leominster – Ridgemoor – The Meadows
  • Service reduced in frequency from hourly to 2 hourly
403 Leominster – Southern Avenue - Newlands
  • Service reduced in frequency from hourly to 2 hourly
406 Leominster – Barons Cross (Circular)
  • Service withdrawn and replaced by new service 404
412 Broad Oak - Garway – Hereford
  • Morning journey retimed to connect with service 36 to Hereford at Wormelow
  • Afternoon School Holiday journeys withdrawn
420 Hereford – Bromyard – Worcester
  • Changes to timetable including:
  • 1420 Bromyard – Hereford on Mondays to Fridays withdrawn
  • 1615 & 1750 Worcester – Bromyard on Mondays to Fridays withdrawn
  • 1610 Hereford – Worcester on Mondays to Fridays runs to Bromyard only
469 Hereford - Bromyard - Great Whitley
  • 1610 Schooldays only journey extended to Great Witley via Whitbourne, Knightwick and Martley
490 Leominster - Ludlow
  • Changes to timetable
  • Certain journeys on Mondays to Fridays operate via Yarpole to provide a new route to/from Leominster
496 Leominster –Pembridge – Shobdon (Circular)
  • The am/pm Schooldays only service 496 journey withdrawn due to low usage
502 Leominster – Dilwyn – Hereford
  • Morning journey terminates at Shire Hall at 0820
746 Ross-on-Wye - Cinderford
  • Changes to timetable