The planning application process

Once the planning team receive your application, they undertake a process to check, publicise and consult on the proposal before making a decision. This process will:

Check the application is valid

  • Make sure it includes all the necessary supporting information and that the necessary fee has been paid
  • Allocate a unique reference number. Please use this number in any future correspondence.

Organise publicity

We are legally required to make details of applicants and proposals for planning permission publicly available. View our planning application privacy notice to see how we use and protect your data.

  • The council publish planning public notices and a weekly list of planning applications online
  • Publicise the application and the consultation period so that all interested parties have a chance to consider it and comment
  • Statutory publicity can include
    • A notification of the application to the neighbours of the site
    • A site notice
    • An advertisement in the local newspaper


  • Carry out any statutory consultations which will include notifying various statutory bodies and the relevant town or parish council
  • Applications and supporting documents are available to the public to view online on our online planning applications search and comment service
  • You can use the search and comment service, and get help with using it, at Hereford customer services centre
  • There is a statutory period of 21 days from the date on any notification letter, or press or site notice, in which to make your comments. This date is always taken from the latest action date, giving people the maximum possible time to respond.

Arrange a site inspection if required

  • Look at how the proposal affects the local area, the environment and other people, in line with the policies of the development plan Local Plan

Make and publish a decision

  • Make and publish a decision - usually within 8 weeks of the application being registered. The applicant has the right to appeal if we do not meet this deadline. Please consult with your case officer before doing so.
  • The majority of applications will be decided by officers under "delegated powers"
  • Certain types of application will be decided by the planning committee

Check on the progress of an application

Anyone can comment on a planning application. You can view details of all planning applications, including plans, supporting documents and correspondence on our planning search.

View and comment on planning applications