The quickest and easiest way to apply for planning permission is online using the Planning Portal website. The Planning Portal guides you through the type of application you need, the documents you must provide, and you will be able to save and come back to your application if you need to. You can complete the application form and upload your documents and will then be directed back to this site to pay for your application before it will be processed. Before you apply for planning permission you will need to:

We receive applications submitted via the Planning Portal the next working day. You can also complete your application form online and submit the supporting documents and fees by post to: Planning Services, PO Box 4, Hereford HR4 0XH. Please ensure you include the planning application reference number.

The planning process relies on people acting in good faith. There is an expectation, therefore, that applicants and agents provide the local planning authority with true and accurate information upon which they will base their decisions.

If a local planning authority feels that an application does not accurately or fully describe the proposed development, or that it is in any way misleading, it will take a dim view of this and is entitled to ask the applicant/agent to amend it or rectify any omissions before it agrees to process the application.

Planning applications are published during the determination period so that any interested parties have the opportunity to comment. If any party considers that the application includes deliberately misleading information or lacks important information that would be material to the decision, they should report this to the planning service who will then decide what action is appropriate. You should be aware that planning permission can be refused on the grounds that information provided was insufficient to accurately describe the nature and anticipated impacts of the proposed development.

Those supplying evidence from drone photography should ensure the footage is taken in a responsible way to respect the privacy of others and that the drone is operated in accordance with best practice and civil aviation legislation.

Apply for planning permission online

View our planning application privacy notice.