How to apply for pre-planning advice

When you apply for pre-planning advice, we normally require the following information and documents so that we can provide you with a full response:

  • Details of the location of the site and a description of your enquiry
  • A site location plan
  • A block plan indicating the position of any existing buildings and what is proposed
  • Sketches/outline drawings of any existing buildings
  • Sketches/outline drawings of the proposed buildings
  • Details of any significant earth moving operations or excavations
  • Listed buildings: details of proposed design, materials, construction and repair methods
  • Any other information you consider relevant at this stage (photographs of the site/buildings can be helpful at this stage)
  • Clarification as to whether your request, or any part of it, should be treated as confidential

We aim to respond to smaller schemes within 20 working days and larger schemes within 30 days. If we need longer because of the nature of the proposal or because additional information is required, we will write to request extra time. Depending on the precise nature of your enquiry we will do some or all of the following:

  • A site visit where necessary. A planning officer or building conservation officer will attend any meeting and will coordinate with any other relevant officer of the council (these can include officers who can provide specialist advice on landscape, ecology, conservation, design, archaeology, natural resources and highways). Up to two meetings are included in the fee. Additional meetings and/or material changes to the proposal attract an additional charge.
  • Identify any relevant planning history of the site
  • Identify any other relevant planning considerations
  • Listed building advice: advice on general design, construction and repair principles
  • Confirm whether any additional information and /or survey work would be required and what you would need to include in any planning application
  • Confirm what you would need to include in any application to meet the council's Planning Application Requirements
  • Where a Planning Obligation (Section 106 Agreement) would be required, we'll provide the details of what you should include in the Heads of Terms
  • Guidance on whether any pre-application public consultation is appropriate and how to progress this
  • Give an informal opinion on the likely outcome of your proposal and an indication of how an amendment may improve the potential of a successful outcome

If your proposal is for a major development and you wish to enter into a Planning Performance Agreement, please seek separate advice from the Development Manager or the Strategic Delivery Manager.

Pre-application advice is subject to the Environmental Information Regulations, which means that members of the public can make requests to see the recorded information we hold on pre-application matters. Please check Pre-application advice and EIR for more information or if you are concerned.

You can apply for advice and pay online. We can only start the process when we have received the applicable fee.

Apply online for pre-application planning advice