Bus services

You can plan your bus journey, find bus timetables and get updates on the latest services on the Traveline West Midlands website. You can also call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 for advice on local and national bus services.

Timetables for bus routes in and around Herefordshire can be found in our bus guide. There are also route maps for Herefordshire, Hereford city and the market towns:

Bus services in Herefordshire are provided by a number of operators. For specific advice on bus fares, lost property or disruptions to services, see the bus contacts page.

Bus travel updates and service disruptions

Bus service changes from 10 August 2018

X39 Peterchurch - Hereford
  • Service operated by Bowyers Coaches withdrawn after operation on Friday, 10 August 2018

Bus service changes from 16 June 2018

33B Huntley - Lea
  • Service withdrawn after operation on Friday, 15 June 2018

Bus service changes from 9 June 2018

44B Royal Hospital - Worcester - The Malverns - Ledbury
  • Summer Saturdays only service extended to serve the Royal Hospital and Countryside Centre in Worcester and New Mills, Aldi Store in Ledbury
418 Bosbury - Stoney Cross - Worcester
  • New summer Saturdays only service operated commercially by First

Bus service changes from 14 May 2018

404 Bishop's Frome - Bromyard - Hereford
  • Service withdrawn and replaced by revised service 405
405 Ledbury - Cradley - Bromyard - Hereford
  • Service revised to start from Ledbury and operate every Wednesday
417 Ledbury - Cradley - Worcester
  • Minor timetable changes including an additional journey on Schooldays Tuesdays and Fridays from Ledbury at 1405
481 Ledbury - Tewkesbury - Cheltenham
  • New Monday shopping service commercially operated by First
482 Ledbury - Bromyard - Leominster
  • Service revised to start from Ledbury. Existing service between Bromyard and Leominster retimed to depart 15 minutes later
600 Ledbury Town Circular
  • First journey retimed to depart at 0845 connections for the 0900 405, 482 and 673 services. Commercially operated journeys will run at 1150 and 1350 on Tuesdays and Thursdays
671 Bromyard - Canon Frome - Ledbury
  • New service operated by First on Tuesdays via the 672 route except Canon Frome is served and not Lower Egleton or Newtown Crossroads
672 Bromyard - Lower Eggleton - Ledbury
  • 0930 journey revised to depart 5 minutes later and operate on Thursdays only. Service 671 provides a similar service on Tuesdays
673 Ledbury - Bromyard
  • New service commercially operated by First on Tuesdays and Thursdays
674 Bromyard - Cradley - Ledbury
  • 0730 journey from Bromyard retimed to depart at 0735. Minor adjustment to the afternoon journey

Bus service changes from 15 April 2018

75S Rotherwas - Hereford- St Mary's School
  • New journey departing Redhill, Marlbrook Road at 0804 and arriving St Mary’s School at 0844.
  • 0745 journey from Rotherwas does not serve Redhill and terminates at Bishop’s School.
77A Hereford - Holmer circular
  • Revised timetable including journeys from Hereford City Bus Station retimed to depart at 33 minutes past the hour.
81 Hereford - College Green - Venns Lane - Hereford
  • Revised timetable including daytime journeys retimed to depart from Hereford City Bus Station at 3 minutes past the hour.
420 Hereford - Bromyard - Worcester
  • The 1055 Hereford - Bromyard journey on Mondays to Saturdays extended to serve Worcester arriving at 1220.
  • The 1315 Bromyard - Hereford journey on Mondays to Saturdays starts from Worcester at 1230.
  • 1610 journey from Hereford on Saturdays terminates at Bromyard, Pump Street.
437 Hereford - Tillington Common
  • Minor timetable changes including last journey from Hereford retimed to depart at 1750 on Mondays to Saturdays

Bus service changes from 2 January 2018

417 Ledbury - Cradley - Worcester
  • Journeys serving Forge Bank revised to operate via the main road in Bosbury.
420 Hereford - Bromyard - Worcester
  • 0610 Bromyard - Hereford and 0640 Hereford - Bromyard journeys on Mondays to Fridays withdrawn.

Bus service changes from 11 December 2017

77 Hereford - Holmer Circular
  • Minor timing changes. Service revised to continue along Roman Road serving Victoria Park, then continuing along Venns Lane. This replaces the 81A and no longer serves Old School Lane.
77A Hereford - Holmer Circular
  • Revised timetable. Service revised to operate along Roman Road, College Road, College Green and Kingsway to Old School Lane and then Bobblestock.
81 Hereford - College Green
  • Revised timetable. Unchanged route to College Green then revised to turn right into Kingsway, right into Old School Lane then continuing via Venns Lane and Aylestone Hill to the City.
81A Hereford - College Green - Victoria Park
  • Revised timetable. Service operates peak hours (as service 81 above) but continuing from College Green to the City via Victoria Park and Venns Lane. Off peak services provided by services 77 and 77A.

Bus service changes from 6 December 2017

404 Bishops Frome - Bromyard - Pencombe - Hereford
  • New service operating on second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, replacing service 405 and starting from Bishops Frome
405 Cradley - Bromyard - Pencombe - Hereford
  • Service revised to operate on first, third and fifth Wednesdays of the month. Route revised and will not serve Bromyard, Winslow Road, Westhide Church and White Stone Crossroads