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Register a death

By law, a death must be registered within five days of its occurrence in the registration district in which it occurred (unless this period is extended by the coroner or registrar). If the death has been referred to the coroner, it cannot be registered until the registrar has received authority from the coroner to do so. You will need to make an appointment with the Registrar's office to register a death. There is no fee for registering a death. You can buy death certificates for a fee of £11 each. You can find out what information to provide and what to bring to your appointment on the government's register a death page.

If you are unable to attend at the registrar's office in the district in which the death occurred, the information for the registration may be given to any registrar in England or Wales. You will need to attend your chosen registrar's office to make a declaration of the particulars for the registration. The declaration will then be forwarded to the registrar in the district where the death took place and the certificates will be forwarded to you by post following the registration.

We provide a Tell Us Once service, which reports a death to most government organisations in one go. If you wish to use this free service the registrar will complete part one of the process at the death registration appointment by registering you with the service. You will be give a unique reference number to enable you to complete the second part of the registration process in the next 28 days, online or by phone.

At the appointment, you will receive a certificate for burial or cremation (known as the green form) unless the coroner has issued an order for burial or a certificate for cremation. You should take this to the funeral director so that the funeral can be held. You will also receive a certificate of registration of death (form BD8) for social security purposes.