Register a stillbirth

If your pregnancy ends from 24 weeks onwards, you need to register a stillbirth at the Register Office. We understand that losing a baby is distressing and that it can be hard to deal with an unexpected administration process while you are grieving.

A medical stillbirth certificate will be sent by the medical practitioner to the Register Office and you will then be contacted to make an appointment with the registrar to register the stillbirth. A stillbirth should be registered within 42 days and you can name the baby in the register.

You can find more information on what information to provide and what to bring to your appointment on the government's register a stillbirth page.

We will issue a certificate of registration, free of charge, to the person who registers the stillbirth. The certificate of registration records any names given to the stillborn child and entered in the register.

You can arrange a funeral - you can use a funeral director or arrange it yourself. The registrar will issue a certificate for the burial or cremation of the stillborn child. The certificate is normally passed to the funeral director who is making the arrangements. A funeral cannot take place without this. If there is a delay to the registration it is possible for a certificate for the burial to be issued before registration, provided the stillbirth does not need to be reported to the coroner. A certificate for cremation cannot be issued before the registration.

Any application for a certificate not made at the time of the registration should be sent to the General Register Office, PO Box 2, Southport, Merseyside PR8 2JD.

Babies lost before 24 weeks pregnancy

If your pregnancy ends before 24 weeks, you can get a certificate in memory of your baby. It's free to get a certificate, but it is not a legal document.

You do not need to request a certificate if you prefer not to. It's optional.

These certificates are provided by the NHS through the website and you'll need some of your GP surgery information to make the request.

Your certificate should arrive in the post within 14 days. If you do not receive it, you can request another certificate.

Find out more about the baby loss certificate service. If you cannot access the service online, you can call 0300 330 9445.

Register office contact details

Please email us to book an appointment and be sure to include your phone number.

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