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Get Walking is Herefordshire's home of feel-good walking, where you can record your walking, track your achievements, and turn your everyday walking into virtual walking adventures.

Sign up now let us whisk you away to glamorous, historic Vienna to start our new virtual walk. Every step you take here at home will transport you along the River Danube to beautiful Budapest, earning achievements and reaching milestones as you go.

Whether you want to feel the health benefits of walking more, or you just want to see the amazing distance you can clock up on two feet, you are warmly invited to join us at Get Walking.

You'll make progress along the route just by logging your everyday walking at Get Walking, where you can also find our free apps.

Get Walking is totally free, you can join in at any time and we love to see lots of new walkers looking to get active.

Sign up now at Get Walking - we'll see you there.

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