Saturday 10 November 2018

Reading the names of the fallen

Monday 5 November to Saturday 10 November 2018, 4.15pm daily, Hereford Cathedral

Around 500 names will be read each day in a daily service led by county dignitaries and organisations, and family representatives of those who died, were injured or who served during the First World War. The service is open to all.

The names being read on Saturday 10 November are:

Basil STREETEN to Sydney TIPPINS Stanley TIPTON to Herbert WATKINS James WATKINS to George Henry WILLIAMS George Herbert WILLIAMS to George YOUNG
Basil Robert  Streeten
Austen John  Stripp
Alfred Joseph  Stubbs
Guy Hatton  Sugden
Alfred  Summers
Alfred  Summers
Octave Stuart  Surr
Ernest George  Suter
Henry James  Sutters
Sir Richard Vincent  Sutton
Benjamin Watkinson  Swaffield
Samuel  Swain
Arthur  Swaincot
Thomas William  Swift
George  Symmonds
A Hadwell  Symonds
Frank  Symonds
George  Symonds
Harold  Symonds
Harold  Symonds
James  Symonds
John Bertram  Symonds
Lewis    Symonds
Frederick Kingsley  Symonds-Tayler
James  Synnock
Wallace Henry  Sysum
James Valentine George  Taberer
Joseph  Tallentire
William Edward  Tancell
John Llewellyn  Tandy
Thomas  Tanser
Harold  Tanswell
Francis George  Tarbath
Albert Ware  Taylor
Alfred  Taylor
Alfred Edward  Taylor
Alfred John  Taylor
Ben  Taylor
Charles William Chamberlain  Taylor
Chas Henry  Taylor
Clement Harold  Taylor
Edward Stillingsleet Sedley  Taylor
Evan Lance  Taylor
George Ellismore  Taylor
George Eric  Taylor
George Reuben  Taylor
Henry  Taylor
Herbert  Taylor
Hugh Noble  Taylor
J  Taylor
James  Taylor
John Edward  Taylor
John Oswald  Taylor
John Thomas  Taylor
Joseph Solomon  Taylor
Percy Graham  Taylor
Robert  Taylor
Robert Fred  Taylor
Samuel  Taylor
Sydney Francis  Taylor
Thomas  Taylor
Thomas  Taylor
Thomas  Taylor
Thomas Andrew  Taylor
Thomas Henry  Taylor
Walter  Taylor
Edwin    Taysom
Albert Herbert  Teague
Arthur Willie Tyler  Teague
Percy John  Teague
Bertram  Teddington
Alfred  Tedstone
James  Tedstone
Thomas  Tedstone
Anthony  Temple
James  Terretta 
Charles  Terry
Leonard Walter  Thackway
Phillip John  Thackway
James  Theakstone
Ernest  Thirlwall
Francis John Dillon  Thiselton
Allan Phillip  Thomas
Allen William  Thomas
Arthur Yates  Thomas
Chistopher  Thomas
Edgar Mark  Thomas
Edwin George  Thomas
Ernest  Thomas
Francis R.  Thomas
Frank Edward  Thomas
George  Thomas
Harold  Thomas
Harold George  Thomas
Harold William  Thomas
Harry GJ  Thomas
James  Thomas
James  Thomas
John Shadrack  Thomas
John T  Thomas
Joseph  Thomas
Robert George  Thomas
Samuel  Thomas
Stanley  Thomas
William  Thomas
William Ernest  Thomas
William J  Thomas
William Rees  Thomas
William Wilfred  Thomas
Albert T  Thompson
Cecil Francis  Thompson
Matthew  Thompson
William  Thompson
Horace Vero  Thorn
GH  Thorndyke
Percy David  Thorne 
Henry  Thornett
John  Thornton
Sidney James  Thornton
Richard Joseph  Tibbey
Francis Edward  Timbers
Charles James  Timmins
Samuel  Timmins
Herbert James  Tingle
Percival John  Tingle
Walter Reginald  Tingle
Alexander Arnold  Tippet
Frederick  Tippins
Sydney Joseph  Tippins
Stanley Arthur  Tipton
William Edward  Tisdale
James Francis Charles  Titheridge
Hugh Lewis  Todd
E  Tombs
Frederick  Tomkins
Thomas Hubert  Tomkins
William  Tomkins
John  Tomlinson
William Albert  Tongue
Arthur Herbert  Town
John  Towns 
Archer Townsend  Townsend
Charles Victor  Townsend
Gabriel James  Townsend
Charles  Train
J  Travers
George W  Treherne
Oliver Thomas  Treherne
Herbert  Tribe
James Christopher  Tringham
Thomas William  Tringham
Allan Phillip  Tristram
Bertram Clifford  Trumper
Edward George  Trumper
John Robert  Trumper
Harry  Tuckwell
Reginald Charles  Tudge
Ernest Geoffrey  Tudor
Henry John  Tudor
Francis Henry  Tuke
James  Tunley
John Alfred  Tunley
William  Turberfield
Thomas  Turbill
Clifford George  Turner
George James  Turner
James  Turner
James  Turner
Robert  Turner
Thos  Turner
William Andrew  Turner
William John  Turner
Ernest William  Turrell
John Henry  Tweed
Ernest E  Tyler
Harold Thomas  Tyler
T Harry  Tyler
William  Tyler
William  Underwood
William Henry  Underwood
Frederick Thomas  Urion
Arthur Spencer  Urquhart
Victor George  Ursell
Noble  Vale
Percival William  Vale
Alexander   Vaughan
Arthur Thomas  Vaughan
Charles  Vaughan
Edward Henry  Vaughan
Herbert George  Vaughan
James  Vaughan
John Edward  Vaughan
Reginald Alfred  Vaughan
Thomas Llewellyn  Vaughan
William  Vaughan
William   Vaughan
William T  Vaughan
William  Veale
Harry Adrian  Venables
Timothy  Vernall
George Walter  Verrill
Harry  Verrill
William John  Verry
Geoffrey Bernard  Vores
Edward  Vowles
Frederick John  Wackett
William  Wadley
Walter Joseph  Wainscott
Louis Alan  Waites
Gladys Maude Mary  Wake
William Geoffrey  Walford
Alban  Walker
G  Walker
Henry Benjamin  Walker
James Joseph  Walker
Reginald  Walker
Alexander Vaughan  Wall
Charles Frederick  Wall
George  Wall
Henry Thomas   Wall
Hubert Henry  Wall
Samuel Bennett  Wall
Thomas  Wall
William  Wall
Charles Edwin  Walters
Charles Henry  Walters
Frank  Walters
Henry  Walters
George  Walters 
John  Walton
Sydney John  Walwyn
George  Warburton
John Thomas  Warburton
Thomas  Warburton
Alfred  Ward
Arthur H  Ward
Ernest Loton  Ward
George Herbert  Ward
Joseph  Wardle
Carl Wilfred  Wargent
Charles Dennis  Warren
Edward John  Warren
Algernon Aubrey Bakewell  Warrilow
Arthur Percy  Warwick
Robert Tummey  Washington
Charles  Waters
Albert  Watkins
Charles  Watkins
Charles  Watkins
David  Watkins
Frederick George  Watkins
Frederick William  Watkins
George  Watkins
George Andrew  Watkins
George Henry  Watkins
George William  Watkins
Harry Lawson  Watkins
Herbert Percival  Watkins
James  Watkins
Milson Ernest  Watkins
Reuben Henry  Watkins
Thomas  Watkins
Thomas  Watkins
Thomas David  Watkins
Thomas J.  Watkins
Wilfred  Watkins
William  Watkins
William  Watkins
William  Watkins
William Addis  Watkins
William Harley  Watkins
William Henry  Watkins
William John  Watkins
Daniel E  Watney
John Howe  Watts
Douglas T  Weale
Horace William  Weale
Edward  Weare
Albert  Weathersby
Thomas  Weathersby
Frederick Concert  Weaver
George  Weaver
George Edward  Weaver
Henry Percival  Weaver
James  Weaver
John  Weaver
Joseph  Weaver
Lily  Weaver
Roland John Hampden  Weaver
Wallace  Weaver
Herbert Thomas  Webb
Thomas Harry  Webb
William  Webb
William Edward  Webb
James J  Webley
Percy  Weekes
George  Weeks
Cecil Francis  Wegg-Prosser
Robert William  Weir
George  Welchman
John  Wellington 
Neil  Wells
Norman Albert  Wells
Alfred Robert  West
Edward Charles  West
Frederick George  West
Thomas  Weston
Charles Henry  Wharton
Charles Arthur  Whatmore
Ernest Alfred  Whatmore
Albert  Wheale
Arthur John  Wheeler
Charles Ernest  Wheeler
Francis  Wheeler
George Robert  Wheeler
John Thomas  Wheeler
Wiliam Henry  Wheeler
George Frederick  Wherley
Arthur William  Whitby
Gwilym  Whitcombe
Arthur Ingram  White
Charles  White
George Martin  White
Harry  White
Horace Stanley  White
Martin G  White
Phyllis  White
Thomas Richard  White
Augustin George Richard  Whitehouse
Arthur Albert  Whiting
Ernest  Whiting
Richard  Whiting
Robert  Whiting
Thomas Charles  Whiting
James  Whitney
Henry Thomas  Whittaker
Hubert William  Whittaker
William Robert  Whittaker
David Percy  Whittall
Charles  Whittington
Francis Harry  Wilcox
Joseph Thomas  Wilcox
Percy  Wilcox
John Joseph  Wild
Ernest  Wilde
Godfrey Paul  Wilden
John Gordon  Wilkes
Frederick John  Wilkins
Harry  Wilkins
Percy Charles  Wilkins
Cecil  Wilkinson
Cecil Allan  Wilkinson
Harry Wilfred  Wilkinson
Leonard Walter  Wilkinson
William Noel  Wilkinson
Harold Douglas  Wilks
Albert William  Williams
Alfred  Williams
Alfred John  Williams
Alfred Richard  Williams
Alfred Thomas  Williams
Arthur Benjamin  Williams
Arthur James  Williams
Arthur Joseph  Williams
Benjamin  Williams
Cecil John Fry  Williams
Charles  Williams
Charles  Williams
Charles Henry  Williams
David Marmaduke  Williams
E  Williams
Edgar Thomas  Williams
Ernest  Williams
Ernest Joseph  Williams
Francis James  Williams
Frank  Williams
Frank Benjamin  Williams
Frederick  Williams
Frederick  Williams
Frederick  Williams
Frederick  Williams
Frederick E.  Williams
George  Williams
George  Williams
George  Williams
George Henry  Williams
George Herbert  Williams
George Joseph  Williams
George Thomas  Williams
Gerorge  Williams
Hammond  Williams
Harley Harry  Williams
Harry Clifford  Williams
Herbert William  Williams
Jack  Williams
James  Williams
James  Williams
James  Williams
James Arthur  Williams
James Edward Denistone  Williams
James V  Williams
John Albert  Williams
John Edwin  Williams
John Victor  Williams
Joseph George  Williams
Lancelot Douglas  Williams
Lewis  Williams
Martin James  Williams
Maxwell James  Williams
Philip Charles  Williams
Reginald  Williams
Robert Charles  Williams
Samuel Francis  Williams
Sidney John  Williams
Sydney William  Williams
T George  Williams
Thomas  Williams
Thomas  Williams
Thomas  Williams
Thomas Arthur  Williams
Thomas Henry  Williams
Thomas William  Williams
Walter  Williams
Wilfred Alexander  Williams
William  Williams
William  Williams
William Charles  Williams
William Charles  Williams
William George  Williams
William Henry  Williams
William John  Williams
FHJ  Williams-Greswoble
Edgar Alexander Toms  Willis
George  Wills
Henry Cecil  Wilmot
Robert Coningsby  Wilmot
Thomas Norbury  Wilmot 
H  Wilshire
Alec  Wilson
Alfred  Wilson
Eric Arthur  Wilson
Ernest  Wilson
Grancot  Wilson
James  Wilson
Thomas  Wilson
Walter  Wilson
William  Wilson
William Taylor  Wilson
James  Wilton
Edwin   Winstone
James  Winters
Ernest George  Witcomb
Albert Henry  Witherstone
Frederick  Withington
George  Withington
Thomas Henry  Withington
Allen  Wood
Arthur Edward  Wood
Arthur James  Wood
Charles Knight  Wood
Frank William  Wood
Frederick  Wood
George Wesley  Wood
James  Wood
JT  Wood
Robert  Wood
Robert Harry  Wood
Samuel Reginald  Wood
Walter James  Wood
William  Wood
William Fred  Wood
William G  Wood
John Frederick  Woodall
Frank Ernest  Woodhall
James  Woodhouse
Thomas Henry  Woodhouse
William James  Woodhouse
James Lancelot  Woodward
George Harold  Woodward 
Edward George  Woodyatt
Richard Lory Pengilly  Woodyatt
Thomas Frederick  Woodyatt
Thomas John  Woodyatt
Thomas Henry  Woolaway
George Matthew  Woolley
Thomas  Wootton
William  Wootton
William  Wootton
Thomas Albert  Workman
Charles S  Wright
Frederick James  Wright
Harold George  Wright
John  Wright
Sydney Arthur  Wright
William  Wright
William Charles  Wright
John Morris Cottrell  Wyatt
Norman  Wyatt
James Henry  Wyles
Charles  Yapp
William Thomas  Yapp
Charles Alix Lavington  Yate
Frank  Yates
George Walter  Yates
Ronald Charles  Yates
Reginald George  Yemm
Thomas Harry  Yemm
Haywood William  Yeomans
Walter Joseph George  Yeomans
A  Young
Allan  Young
Ernest Henry  Young
Ernest William  Young
George  Young