Wednesday 7 November 2018

Reading the names of the fallen

Monday 5 November to Saturday 10 November, 4.15pm daily, Hereford Cathedral

Around 500 names will be read each day in a daily service led by county dignitaries and organisations, and family representatives of those who died, were injured or who served during the First World War. The service is open to all.

The names being read on Wednesday 7 November are:

Harry GROOM to Leonard HATHAWAY Brian HATTON to Frederick HOPKINS James HOPKINSON to Theophilus JEYNES Ernest JINKS to Frank KEDDLE
Harry Stanley Groom
Richard Cyril Groom
James William Groves
Richard Groves
George Grubb
Walter Grubb
George Grubham
Joseph Reginald Grundy
William Thomas Grundy
Francois Alois Gueldentops
William H Guilford
Thomas Gummer
John Gummery
Reginald Ewart Gunn
James Gunter
Albert Edward Guntrip
Henry George Guntrip
George Thomas Gurmin
Albert Edward Gurney
Albert Thomas Gurney
Arthur Gurney
Henry Valentine Gurney
Leonard Gurney
Thomas Henry Guy
William Thomas Gwatkin
Alfred Gwilliam
Charles Henry Gwilliam
James Gwilliam
Stephen Gwilliam
Theophilus Gwilliam
Frank Llewelyn Gwillim
Robert Gwydir
Charles Percy Gwyer
Cyril Gwyer
Albert Gwynne
Guy Llewellyn Gwyther
Charles Henry Hadaway
John Hadcocks
James Frederick Hain
George Albert Haines
Henry Robert Haines
James Haines
Percy Allen Haines
Charles William Hale
James Hales
Albert Edward Hall
Albert William Hall
Arthur Hall
Arthur George Hall
Charles Henry Hall
Frank J. Hall
Frederick James Hall
George Edward Hall
John Hall
Reginald George Hall
Robert Hall
Thomas Lambert Hall
Walter Hall
William Hall
William Hall
Arthur Stanley Hallett
Andrew Halliday
James Halliday
Walter William Halls
Archibald Hamblin
Reginald William Hamblin
Albert Henry Hamer
George Hamer
Charles Gough Hamilton
Thomas Henry Hamlet
Thomas Hammond
Henry Stephen Hancock
Alfred Albert Hancox
Stephen Edwin Hancox
John Basil Hand
Charles Handley
Charles William Hands
Walter Frederick Handy
Ernest Thomas Hanks
Thomas Hanlon
Francis John Hannam
Henry John Harding
Reginald Sidney Harding
William Ernest Harding
George Arthur Hards
Ernest Hardwick
Albert Douglas Harford
Rueben Hargest
Arthur Harley
Reginald Edward Harman
Timothy James Harmer
Arthur Harper
Charles Harper
Joseph Henry Harper
William R Harper
Albert Harris
Alfred Harris
Charles Cecil Harris
Charles Howard Harris
Charles Noel Harris
Edward Harris
Frederick Thomas Harris
Gilbert Merrick Harris
John Harris
John Harris
John Albert Harris
John Francis Harris
Percy Harris
Roy Harris
Sydney Davies Harris
Thomas Harris
Walter Henry Harris
W Harris
William Harris
William John Harris
Charles Harrison
Dennis Riley Harrison
Henry Harrison
Thomas William Harrison
Allen Richard Hart
Ansell Arthur Hart
Arthur Herbert Hart
Reginald Hart
Sidney Joseph Hart
Walter Reginald Hart
William John Hartland
John Stevenson Hartley
Jack Harvard
John Harvey
Alfred Stanley Haskell
George Hassall
Albert Edward Hatchard
Tom Hatchard
Walter Hatchard
William Hatfield
Albert Henry Hathaway
Leonard Hathaway
Brian Hatton
Christopher Hatton
Francis Wilfred Lionel Hatton
Jack Havard
EHT Havell
Arthur Allen Hawker
Charles Trhomas Hawkins
Fredrick Arthur Hawkins
Thomas Richard Hawkins
William Percy Hawkins
Walter Haycock
Albert Haynes
Charles Evelyn Haynes
John Lance Haynes
Martin Haynes
Samuel James Haynes
Percy Daniel Gelling Hayton
John Edward Hayward
Roland George Hayward
Allan Bonville Hay-Webb
Charles Robert Forbes Hay-Webb
James Hazlewood
Basil William Head
William George Heath
Wallace Heiron
Harold Helme
Harold Lutwyche Helme
Alfred H Hemans
Ernest Hemingway
Kenneth Stanley Hemingway
Victor John Henley
Arthur Herbert
Edward Charles Herbert
Edwin Jesse Herbert
Anthony Morris Coats Hewat
George Micheal F Hewat
Henry John Hewer
William Hewitt
John Joseph Hickey
George Hicks
George Hicks
John Hicks
Robert Hicks
Thomas Hicks
Percy Charles Higgins
Percy Clynton Higgins
Alfred James Higgs
Percy Higley
Edgar Vincent Hiles
Albert Hill
Albert John Hill
Alexander Thomas Henry Hill
Ernest Henry Thomas Hill
FJ Hill
Frederick Hill
Frederick James Hill
Gerald Leader Hill
I Hill
John Edgar William Hill
Richard Hill
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill
Thomas John Hill
Walter John Hill
Wilfred Gideon Hill
William Hill
William Hill
William Hill
William Reginald Hill
William Richard Hill
William Richard Hill
Harry Leonard Hiller
Herbert Hince
Norman Boycott Hinckesman
Andrew Hinds
Arthur Hinksman
Mark William Hinksman
James Harold Hirons
Horace Hitch
Albert Merlin Hitchings
Christopher Hitchings
Thomas Hitchings
Thomas Hobbs
Frederick Hobday
Eric R Hockin
Arthur Hodges
Ernest Victor Hodges
George William Hodges
Henry Hodges
Herbert Hodges
Percy William Hodges
Reginald Hodges
Reginald Albert Hodges
SA  Hodges
Thomas John Hodges
Wilfred Hodges
William Hodges
William Alfred Hodges
William C Hodges
Edward John Hodnett
William Hodnett
Charles Hogan
Charles William Holbrook
Alfred Robert Holbrow
James William Holden
Edward Holl
Charles James Holland
Edward Holland
Walter Edward Holland
Frederick Leonard Hollands
William Francis Hollands
Frederick Robert Holloway
Thomas Henry Holloway
Arthur Vincent Holman
Arthur Holmes
Ernest Holmes
Frederick Holmes
Samuel Frederick Holmes
Ernest Holt
George Edward Holt
James Holt
John Holt
John Holt
Percy James Holt
William John Holton
Arthur Homer
Harry Raymond Homer
Herbert William Homer
Douglas Albert Stride Honey
Edward Morris Hooper
Frederick Hopcutt
Albert Leonard Hope
John Hope
Walter Ernest Hope
Frederick Jesse Hopkins
James Hopkinson
Percy Charles Hopley
Edward Hopson
Edward Michael Hopton
Guy William Edward Hopton
William Barras Hore
Arthur Horner
John Joseph Horrigan
Henry Horsman
James Horton
Alfred Ernest Howard
James Charles Howard
Reginald Howell
T Howell
George Beddoes Howells
James Howells
Sydney Thomas Howells
William Hubert George Howse
Lucien H  Huan
John Huckson
Owen Huckson
Ernest Hudman
Henry Erris Hudson
Robert Denis Hudson
Albert C Hughes
Albert Joseph Hughes
Ernest Hughes
Frederick Hughes
George Hughes
Gerald  William Hughes
Herbert Hughes
Horace Ernest Hughes
James Henry Hughes
PC Hughes
Stanley George Hughes
Thomas Albert Hughes
Walter Ernest Hughes
Walter Stephen Hughes
William Hughes
William George Hughes
William Richard Hughes
Claude William Hull
Charles Geoffrey Hume
Edward Archibald Hume
Edward Harry Humphreys
JC Humphreys
George Percy Edward Hunt
Harry Hunt
William John Hunt
George Fredrick Hurry
Arthur Husbands
Clifford Charles Husbands
John Henry Husbands
C Hutchings
Sidney Frederick Hutton
Aubrey John Hyde
Frederick C Hyner
Alfred Edward Ikin
Linda Illman
Robert John Fitzgerald Ingham
Arthur Ingram
James Charles Innes
William Innes
Arthur George Inseal
Kenneth Farquason Ireland
GE Irish
Charles Ivins
James Izod
Hermann Izzard
Douglas Gwynne Jackson
Edmund Gaine Jackson
George Henry Jackson
Hazel Renwick Jackson
James Rueben Jackson
Robert Thomas Jackson
John Curzon Jackson-Tayler
Alan George James
Albert James James
Alfred James
Alfred Pryce James
Alfred William James
Charles Robert Forbes James
Christopher James
Eric Gwynne James
Ernest James
Frank Edward James
Frank W James
Fred James
George James
George Thomas James
Harry Thomas James
J James
James James
John Henry James
John Owen James
Manfred William James
Percy William James
R George James
Reginald S James
Robert James
Thomas James
Thos Henry James
WA James
William James
William James
William Alfred James
William Thomas James
Gerald Alister Jamieson
Andrew William Jancey
Frank Jancey
Reginald Jancey
Charles Jarvis
Frederick William Jarvis
John Henry Jarvis
Frank Jauncey
Henry Samual  Jay
William Jay
William John Jay
William Thomas Jay
William Albert Jays
George Jeans
Frank Arthur Jefferey
Dewi Jeffreys
AG Jenkins
Albert Jenkins
Alfred Hercules Jenkins
Edward Jenkins
Ernest John Jenkins
Fred A Jenkins
James Jenkins
Thomas Jenkins
William Jenkins
William Thomas Jenkins
Frederick Jennings
John Reginald Jennings
Sidney Jeynes
Theophilus Harold Jeynes
Ernest Frederick Jinks
Harry Gordon Johns
Frederick Thomas Johnson
John William Johnson
Thomas William Johnson
William Henry Johnson
William Herbert Johnson
Donald Clark Johnstone
Donald Stewart Johnstone
Herbert Kenneth Johnstone
Aaron Thomas Jones
Abraham John Jones
Albert Jones
Albert Jones
Albert George Jones
Albert Henry Jones
Alfred Jones
Alfred Jones
Alfred John Jones
Arthur Jones
Arthur Jones
Arthur Jones
Arthur Jones
Arthur Jones
Arthur James Jones
Benjamin George Jones
Charles Jones
Charles Jones
Charles Percy Jones
Charles Thomas Roger Jones
Christopher Jones
Cyril Bryan Jones
David Milwyn Jones
David Thomas Jones
Desmond Jones
Edward Jones
Edward Jones
Edward Henry Jones
Ernest Henry Jones
Ernest William Jones
Evan Watkin Powell Jones
Francis Ernest Jones
Frank James Jones
Fred Chas Jones
Frederick Thomas Averay Jones
FT Jones
Geoffrey Jones
Geoffrey Richard Jones
George Jones
George Jones
George  Jones
George  Jones
George Milford Jones
Gordon Jones
Harold Jones
Harold Jones
Harry Jones
Harry J Jones
Henry Jones
Henry Charles Jones
Henry Edwin Jones
Henry Ernest Jones
Henry James Jones
Henry James Jones
Henry James Jones
Henry Ronald Jones
Henry Thomas Jones
Herbert Henry Jones
JA Jones
Jack Jones
James Jones
James Herbert Jones
JM Jones
John Desmond Jones
John James Jones
John Percy Jones
John William Jones
Josiah George Jones
Leonard T Jones
Mark Jones
Morgan Edward Jones
Oswald H Jones
Penry Jones
Percy Thomas Jones
Richard Jones
Richard Jones
Richard Francis Jones
Robert Jones
Robert Frederick Jones
Rowland George Jones
Rubarb Jones
S Leonard Jones
Sydney Harold Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas George Jones
Thomas Reginald Jones
Thomas Sidney Jones
Thomas Stanley Jones
Thos William Jones
W Jones
Wallace Ralph Jones
Walter Jones
Walter James Jones
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones
William Charles Thomas Jones
William Edward Jones
William Frank Jones
William George Jones
William George Jones
William Henry Jones
William Henry Jones
William John Jones
William Rhys Jones
William Thos Jones
WS Jones
F Jones 
Alfred Jordan
Frank Jordan
Harold George Ernest Jordan
Leonard Owen Jordan
Theophilus Jordan
Eustace Jotham
William Lorimer Joyce
Harold Joyner
Frank Jukes
William Reginald Karslake
Patrick Keane
Thomas Kearn
Ernest James Keay
Ernest Keddle
Frank Keddle